ByNicolas Carmona, writer at
Nicolas Carmona

First of all, there is an American version of Death Note in the works! Shane Black was supposed to direct but he dropped out of the film and now there is a rumor that Elephant and Milk director Gus Van Sant is probably looking into taking over the project. I love the job that Shane Black did with Iron Man 3 and always looking up for his next job, so a bit disappointed that he dropped out; on the other hand if Van Sant takes over I have no complaints at all. His work on Milk was outstanding.

Now for my geek moment, I had no idea they were making a Hollywood movie of this manga. I love the manga, the anime and the live action movie. Having said that, some times American interpretation of Japanese culture **cough** Dragon Ball **cough** don’t come out so good, but in the hands of a great director there is a good chance that this will be great (even more so with the great source material).


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