ByNicolas Carmona, writer at
Nicolas Carmona

Kevin Smith released the first poster for his upcoming movie Tusk, a sort of synopsis of this movie is:

“Smith was inspired by a story about a man who is shipwrecked and befriends a walrus, then hires someone to dress up in a walrus suit for two hours a day in an attempt to recapture that friendship. At San Diego Comic-Con last year, the filmmaker described it as “a cuddly version of The Human Centipede.””

So from that the movie sounds awesomely weird (I am a fan of The Human Centipede movies) and that poster looks pretty cool, fitting of the story. Smith also mentioned that he was going to release a trailer after he showed it at SDCC. After a long hiatus as a director this is the first project that Smith is having, also on the feet of the news, Clerks III was said that the Weinstein company wasn’t going to finance the movie but they will distribute it. So pretty interesting news surrounding Kevin Smith and can’t wait to see this trailer.


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