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Many have recently portrayed the fictional English detective, from television series such as Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, to Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes movies, starring Robert Downey Jr. Yet a new project by Bill Condon will present Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous character in a new light.

The director and Sir Ian Mckellen are working together on a new movie where Sherlock Holmes won't be portrayed as the astute, young detective cracking the most difficult cases, but as a weary, old man whose investigative days are a thing of the past.

The first picture of McKellen in the protagonist role has just come out.

Mr. Holmes will be based on the book A Slight Trick of the Mind, written by Mitch Cullin. Set in 1947, the story follows a retired, elderly Sherlock living in Sussex tended by his housekeeper and her son as he slowly loses his ability to walk and think as quickly, and analytically, as he used to. But even though he has long retired, he finds himself haunted by unsolved cases going more than 50 years back. In a way to make sure his fading adventures live on, he begins to tell his housekeeper's son about his thrilling past stories.

Condon spoke briefly about this project last September during the Toronto International Film Festival. Apart from directing, Condon also wrote the script for Mr. Holmes.

It has been confirmed that Laura Linney, with whom Condon has worked with in three other films, will play the part of the housekeeper, Mrs. Munro. Yet the full cast has not yet been revealed.

There is also no exact date for the release of this film but it should be expected to come out some time in 2015.


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