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In my Batman V Superman Hopes article I added a part where instead of Hal Jordan, I included Donna Parker as the Justice League's Green Lantern. This is where people thought I made a bad choice of writing and I'll admit, they are not wrong. I know there is no way WB and DC will put Parker in the Justice League film. That being said, what if she got her own movie?

With Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and even Deadpool getting films, maybe DC could put out a film based on a character that not many people know about. Case and point: Donna Parker AKA Green Lantern.

Here you have a character who is likable and has enough personality to carry a film. Sure she was only temporary in the comics but this new cinematic universe can do whatever it wants.

My idea though?

TITLE: Green Lantern Power of Will (I was considering Rise of Atrocitus but to be honest I am tired of the word "rise" in so many titles now)

PLOT: A force of evil has risen: Atrocitus. He is manipulating people from different planets to join his army: the Red Lantern Corps. The Guardians of the Universe sense this evil presence so they tell Tomar-Re to prepare the Green Lantern Corps for battle. Tomar-Re is unsure if they can win without Jordan (or whoever they choose for Justice League) since he was off with Superman on a different mission, so in desperation, Tomar-Re sends a newly forged ring to Earth to select a new recruit.
Meanwhile on Earth, a woman by the name of Donna Parker is taking care of her three children. She is a kind woman but she is also strong, she wants to make sure her kids have a good mother and a good life. Whilst driving through Coast City, an explosion causes Donna's car to flip over as well as a few more. With adrenaline, Donna gets free then helps her kids out; meanwhile a crazed gang of thugs are on the freeway rounding up hostages, they were the ones who planted the bomb. Donna can't let anyone die so she tactically takes out three of the thugs one at a time before going head to head with the last two whom she beats but gets a bullet in her leg. She takes the gun from the last thug and is tempted to shoot him but she doesn't feel that was right so she tosses the gun away before the police arrives. Upon sparing the man's life, saving not only her children but about fifteen people, this is sensed by the Power Rings which was hovering in orbit.
That night, Donna puts her kids to bed while her youngest son calls her a hero which makes her smile. After singing a lullaby to him, she limps out to her backyard. Her house is on the outskirts of Coast City. Donna looks up at the stars contemplating about what happened today and what her son called her, she wonders what it would be like to be a hero.
A green light shines down upon her which makes her cover her eyes but the light slowly dimmed to reveal the Power Ring hovering in front of her along with a lantern made of energy. Something tempts Donna, so she slowly reached out and grabbed the ring causing a flash of light. Donna finds herself in an empty space with pure black, hovering as if there is no ground. Fading in with green auras around them is the Guardians. After inquiring about what was going on, the Guardians explain that her selfless act of courage and will, has earned her an invitation to join the Green Lantern Corps. The Guardians tell her that she can take a day to make decision to join, if she wishes to come to Oa she must say the Oath, which they tell her.
Meanwhile, Atrocitus' army is slowly growing bigger and deadlier.
The next day, after Donna's kids get on the bus to go to school she leaves a note of the refridgerator saying, "Won't be back until tomorrow. Money for pizza on the counter." Then she steps outside to her backyard, puts on the Power Ring, then looks into the sky before saying the famous Oath. An energy field surrounds Donna causing her to fly into the sky then into space, in a burst she travels through the galaxy in a hyperspace-like way. Upon reaching Oa, she is greeted by a group of Green Lanterns who greet her; among them in Tomar-Re who shakes her hand. Donna is speechless, scared, excited, and a lot more which makes one of the Lanterns laugh, "Every human acts like this." Tomar-Re brings Donna to a base for Lanterns to live, there Tomar-Re gives exposition about the Lantern core and everything basic she needs to know including that with that ring she could create her own uniform. After hearing this she concentrates then creates a black and green outfit like in the picture above. She smiles at this then Tomar-Re brings her to see the Guardians, along the way she asks if the Corps has any enemies and Tomar-Re explains that the Guardians will tell her everything.
After confirming her joining the Corps, the Guardians tell her of recent events with Atrocitus preparing for an all out war so the Corps will need all the strength they can muster to fight this threat. She will need weeks of training and need to stay on Oa. This saddens Donna since she doesn't want to abandon her children, so she proposes to spend one day with them tomorrow then return to Oa. The Guardians agree to this and then the meeting adjourns.
The next morning, Donna hyperjumps back to Earth where she spends time with her children. Meanwhile, Atrocitus mutilates one of his own men for doubting his strength and power.
Donna's sister arrives at the house and Donna explains to her kids that she has to go away for a long time but she promises that she will return. She's about to fly back to Oa when on the news, there are reports of the same gang attacking Coast City except in bigger numbers so she changes course to Coast City where a fight happens in a bank, she stops the gang known as the 'Cudas then flies to Oa. Upon arriving on Oa, she and the Lanters begin to train and get to know one another.
Meanwhile, Atrocitus senses the hate of the 'Cudas, they hated the new Green Lantern so he decides fly towards Earth. A week later Actrocitus breaks the Cudas out of prison then give them the chance to fight the Lantern if she comes back. The Guardians sense the Red Lanterns have come to Earth and it reaches Donna, so in an instant she flies to Earth defying the Guardians orders to stay and prepare for battle. Upon reaching Earth, she finds Coast City in ruins due to the new Red Lanterns who begin to fight her. She holds off as much as she can but the Cudas' leader holds up Donna's children and sister and threatens to kill them if she doesn't stop. Donna gives in but the Cudas decide to kill of them just in spite of her so one throws the youngest son all the way to the arctic. Donna yells out, "No!" Then flies off to catch her son but the Red Lanterns construct weights around them, it was too strong for Donna to break free so she and her son begin to sink in the water while in he rhead we can hear Donna's voice, "In brightest blackest evil.....shall...escape my sight. Let those who.....worship...evil's....might..." Her eyes close, it seems this is the end of Donna. The Red Lanterns turn and begin walking towards her other kids, chuckling evilly. Suddenly, Donna's eyes open glowing pure green with energy and in her head, "Beware my power....GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!" Donna blasts through the weights but also the ice flying high into the air. After another fight she stops them then gives her sons hugs as well as her sister. She apologizes for leaving them alone but they understand and they all call her a hero. After flying them back to Coast City, Donna tells them she has to go one more time and promises she will be back. She hyperjumps to Oa where an all-out war is about to commence, she flies down and gets ready to fight when a familiar voice calls out, "Got room for one more?" It is Hal Jordan (or whoever) who lands beside Donna which makes her smile. Hal and Donna lead the Lanterns into battle against the Red Lanterns. Donna and Atrocitus finally meet with each other then begin to brawl. At first the fight is it all ends with Donna tempted to kill Atrocitus and he tries telling her too but she just pulls off his ring then disintegrates it, "That's not how I do things." Atrocitus is sent back to his prison, the Guardians then allow her to return to Earth whenever she wishes, the Green Lanterns all accept her as a great member, then our movie ends with Donna at home gazing at the dawn with her kids at her side as her Green Lantern outfit appears, then she gives a smile. The End.

I know it was long but it shows how committed I can be to a story. Just to be clear, this is just a summarized version, there would be a lot more if it was the full story.


Donna Parker - Emily Blunt

Atrocitus - Daniel Craig

Tomar-Re - Cary Elwes

Jack Fields AKA Cudas Leader - Jamie Bell

Hal Jordan - Chris Pine

Do you think this film is a good idea? Do you have problems with it? Tell me down below in the comments!


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