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John Mcclane :a foul-mouthed, wisecracking, no-nonsense New York cop with an itchy trigger finger and a never-say-die maverick spirit.In the first Die Hard movie, McClane carries a Beretta 92F as his duty weapon. In the next two, his service pistol is a Beretta 92FS, even though the NYPD has never issued the Beretta 92 for duty use. He later uses a Sig P220 as his duty gun in the fourth and 5th movies of the series.

Dominic Toretto: is an Italian American elite street racer, auto mechanic, and ex-convict. The character is the brother of Mia Toretto and love interest Leticia "Letty" Ortiz. Throughout the series, Dominic's crew has perpetrated many high-speed semi hijackings, stealing millions of dollars in merchandise. He has spent most of his life running from the law.


Who would win this battle?

Dutch : is an elite veteran. . It is known that during the mission he was captured and tortured for information by the enemies. having his pectorals cut, stung by a scorpion, receiving electric shocks to his torso and armpits, and being held naked in a bamboo box,it is also known that Dutch and his team fought in Afghanistan for a time as stated by Poncho. After the Predator kills all of Dutch's team and Dillon, he is the only man left in the jungle with the Predator. Using a knife and vines to fashion primitive weapons and traps including a spear (with the knife as the blade), and a bow with an explosive-tipped arrow made from a 40mm grenade, he covers his body in mud after discovering the Predator sees through infrared, essentially making him invisible. Eventually, the Predator catches him and the two fight hand to hand. Despite his impressive physique, Dutch is no match for the Predator, only surviving when he manages to lure it into a trap where it is nearly crushed by a log.

Rambo: full name John James Rambo. Rambo enlisted in the U.S. Army at the age of 17 on August 6, 1964, although he states in Rambo IV he was "drafted into Vietnam." Rambo was deployed to South Vietnam in September 1966. He returned to the U.S. in 1967 and began training with the U.S. Army Special Forces at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. In late 1969, Rambo was re-deployed to Vietnam. In November 1971, he was captured by North Vietnamese forces near the Chinese-Vietnamese border and held at a POW camp, where he and other American POWs were repeatedly tortured. Rambo escaped captivity in May 1972, but was then re-deployed. At some point in his military career he also received training in flying helicopters. Rambo received his military discharge on September 17, 1974. Upon his return to the United States, Rambo discovered that many American civilians hated the returning soldiers from Vietnam, and he claimed that he, along with other returning soldiers, were subject to humiliation and embarrassment by anti-war "hippies" who threw garbage at them, called them "baby killers", and excluded them from society. His experiences in Vietnam and back home resulted in an extreme case of post-traumatic stress disorder. At the same time, inner questions of self-identity and reflectiveness had commenced to cause Rambo to lash out at society rather than handling difficult situations in a "civilized" manner.


Who would win?

Jackie Chan: Much of Chan's martial arts skills came from practicing the arts while at the Chinese Opera Research Institute, headed by Master Yu Jim Yuen. However, he did eventually train specifically in Hapkido, earning his blackbelt under Grandmaster Jin Pal Kim. All told, Chan has trained in Shaolin Kung-fu, Tae Kwon Do, and Hapkido.

"He took his Hapkido seriously, practicing for hours at a time," said Kim according to article at In fact, Kim noted that Chan was one of the hardest working people he'd ever been around.

Jet Li: At the age of eight, Li was enrolled in a summer course at what is now called the Beijing Sports and Exercise school where his potential in Wushu (sports form of Chinese combat arts) was discovered. From there he became hooked, eventually participating on the Beijing Wushu Team at the All China Games. Mostly under the tutelage of Wu Bin- a world-renowned wushu coach- Li claimed 15 gold medals and one silver at Chinese wushu championships.

In addition, Li has put in significant time learning Baguazhang, Tai Chi, Xingyiquan, Zuiquan, and Tang lang quan


Who Wins this Battle?

Ethan Hunt: Hunt is a master of disguises, stealth, espionage tactics and according to his profile he has been taught the Brazilian martial arts of Capoeira. He shows limited fighting ability, Hunt abandons many of his stealth tactics in favor of force: he uses various kicks, holds, and flips during attacks on terrorist personnel during the next two movies. we see him using techniques inspired by Capoeira, which fits with his profile from the first movie. In the third installment, while still using some Capoeira, he also utilizes techniques from the Keysi fighting method, Filipino martial arts of Eskrima. He displays several extremely complex ninjujutsu moves in the fourth movie, including a selection of Capoeira and taekwondo moves. During his prison escape, he mainly utilises Kenpo Karate and judo moves, and resorts to combined Capoeira, ninjujutsu, taekwondo and Karate moves and strategies when battling Kurt Hendricks. He also returns his mastery of stealth and surprise whilst battling the nuclear extremist. His weapon of choice remains the Beretta 92FS 9mm semi-automatic handgun, which he uses in all three films.

He is also incredibly intelligent, and almost recklessly daring in his missions. He is highly cunning and extremely astute and calculating, especially when it comes to knowing his enemies. He is highly idealistic and devises philosophical traps during debates.

James Bond: James Bond has a variety of skills which he shows in some of the James Bond films. James is a veteran of World War II whose path to 00 status is shaped by his work with Naval Intelligence. He studied at various universities including Oxford and Cambridge in which he gained a First in Oriental Languages at the latter. James Bond is also known to have a high pain threshold and incredible stamina. Bond is skilled in many forms of unarmed combat such as karate, judo, juditsu, tae kwon do, boxing and wrestling. Bond also learned to ski at an early age, has mastered snowboarding, mountain climbing, swimming, high-diving. Bond can also pilot all forms of water craft, he can also operate military and personal submarines. Bond's skills are just as remarkable in the air; being trained in paragliding, hand gliding and parachute training. 007 is also an excellent driver and aircraft pilot.


who wins?

Blade: Due to an enzyme in his blood stream resultant from his mother's being bitten by a vampire while giving birth to him, Blade is immune to the bites of typical, supernatural vampires. At certain instances he also appeared immune to vampire hypnosis as well. He lacked superhuman physical attributes, however, and relied solely on his considerable skill and determination until Morbius, an atypical, scientifically created vampire, bit him and Blade was turned into something resembling a dhampir. Blade possesses superhuman strength, stamina, speed, agility, heightened senses, and a rapid healing factor that attacks any alien substances (chemicals/viruses) in his body and eliminates any chance of him being rendered helpless or maimed from the inside and is unaffected by daylight and most other traditional vampire weaknesses. He also ages very slowly (although he's not immortal) and can preternaturally sense supernatural activity.

Blade is a master martial artist mastering styles like Capoeira, Hapkido, Jujutsu, Shotokan Karate, Kung Fu, and Ninjutsu. He is also a swordsman, marksman and street-fighter. He is adept in the usage of throwing knives. He is highly knowledgeable about vampire lore as well as the supernatural.

Spawn: Abilities ,Superhuman strength, speed, agility, and endurance,

Flight,Immortality,Healing factor,Highly skilled tactician, martial artist,

swordsman, marksman, athlete, and acrobat,Teleportation,Shapeshifting,

Necroplasmic energy blasts,Resurrection,Empathy


Who do you Pick?

Segal: Studying Shito-ryu karate under Fumio Demura and aikido under Rod Kobayashi around the age of seven after a demonstration by aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba sparked his interest in 1959.

After many years of training at the age of 17, Seagal traveled to Japan and stayed in Asia for approximately 15 years while teaching English. In 1974, he was promoted to Kobayashi-sensei to shodan in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido and is considered to be the first foreigner to operate a dojo in Japan. He also owns belts in aikido, karate, kendo, and judo.

Van Damme: Van Damme began studying Shotokan karate at the age of 10 and received his black belt in the style in 1978 from Claude Goets. He also studied kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Tae Kwon Do. Van Damme (under the name of Jean Claude Van Vaerenbergh) posted numerous tournament victories while competing on the European karate circuit with the Belgium Karate Team, most notably against Michael J. Heming for the European Karate Association Middleweight Championship in 1980.

Beyond martial arts, Van Damme was also a bodybuilder, winning the Mr. Belgium Bodybuilding title at the age of 18. He also took up ballet at the age of 16


Who Lives?

Round one of Ultimate Action Star Battle Royale completed.

Round 2 to follow shortly so watch this space!


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