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Another popular Japanese series is getting adapted for Western audiences! Previously, director Shane Black ([Iron Man 3](movie:24391), Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) was on board to direct the remake of horror film, Death Note. However, now that he's been poached to direct the next Predator film, the producers of the film were searching for a new name. Fret not, remake fans (whoever you may be)! According to Tracking Board, the word on the street is that indie director Gus Van Sant is taking over for Black as director of [Death Note](movie:703553). Van Sant is best known for directing Good Will Hunting and Milk.

The Death Note series centers on a college student who acquires the ability to kill, by only jotting down a person's name on a piece of paper and imagining their face. The original manga has been made into an anime, a video game series, and spawned three live-action films.

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Okaaaaay then.
Okaaaaay then.

Is Gus Van Sant the right director for a film like this? Have you seen the original Death Note films? Let me know in the comments!


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