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CNC Movie Factory announced on July 7, 2014 that they will be bringing back the feel of martial arts film genre of the 90’s with a sequel to one of the best remembered martial arts action/dramas of the period - "To Be The Best".

"To Be the Best: The Road Back" will feature star icons from not only 1993's "To Be The Best", but also "Kickboxer 2", "Kickboxer 3", "Kickboxer 4" and "The Karate Kid".

The sequel will be directed by one of the stars of the original - the legendary, award-winning director Art Camacho.

UFC Champion Fabiano Iha and Camacho will also direct fight choreography for the film.

The cast for "To Be The Best: The Road Back will include: Michael Worth, Sasha Mitchell, Martin Kove and rising action star Steven Dell. Camacho will also reprise his very memorable role in this sequel.

Producer Chris Ross’ hope is that in bringing back elements of this iconic genre it will allow him to pay homage to the early pioneers of martial arts action films and will allow younger generations to discover and revitalize this beloved chapter of cinema culture.

Camacho was the natural choice to direct this CNC Movie Factory project because he too was a staple of the films of the period - first as an action actor and then as a world renowned fight choreographer and award-winning director.

“Our goal is to bring back the fun and excitement of the films that inspired this movie and update it with not only MMA champions but a new generation of future action stars”, said Camacho in explaining his vision for the film.

"To Be The Best: The Road Back" promises to be a very visceral and gritty action drama along the lines of “The Wrestler” and “The Fighter” while paying tribute to 90’s action films.

There will also reportedly be many surprise guest stars in relevant roles.

"To Be The Best: The Road Back" is set to shoot in late fall of 2014.

CNC Movie Factory is the first nonprofit film company incorporated in California and was founded by Chris Ross and partner Natalie Cardenas.


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