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Pretty movies make me pretty happy. Soccer and brownies have the same effect.
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Moviegoers spent over $5,000,000,000 at the box office during the first six months of 2014.

Y'all saw a lot of movies.

Which one did the majority of you think was the best?

Hint: it wasn't The Grand Budapest Hotel.

#5 | The Lego Movie

Well written and developed, it has a rather important and mature message at the heart of it concerning imagination and creativity. The twist at the end is extremely clever and completely unexpected, making this not just a fun animation but one with an important moral message too, which lies at the heart of the Lego universe.

- Emily Murray

You find yourself caring for these flawed yet lovable characters all in their different ways. It can't go without saying that Chris Pratt played the character absolutely perfectly. Nobody else could have done a better job.

- Darragh O'Connor

Though it is CGI, it is made to look like a stop-motion film made with real Legos. This was one of the best parts because throughout the whole movie you get lost in the awe of a tiny functioning little world built completely in Legos. This unique animation made just watching the film a pleasure in itself.

- D.J. Nichols

#4 | How to Train Your Dragon 2

This is the perfect family film. The kids can enjoy the spectacle of the film, the beautiful animation and the fun battles but the adults will really find something great with the story of the film. The story deals with family and responsibility in a very compelling way. This film was incredibly refreshing.

- James Porter

The art direction and visual conception of the movie are quite stunning. Toothless presents as the ultimate childhood pet, like a cross between a cat and a gecko with wings, and the finishes to his and all the other creatures and characters’ appearances give the film a palpable quality.

- TheMovieWaffler

That is what separates How to Train Your Dragon from other animated features, expressive emotion through mostly non verbal communication.

- Gamertag Gaming

#3 | Godzilla

Godzilla-- everything in you want in a Godzilla remake and more!

- Jonathan J. Moya

The only stand out among a brilliant and diverse cast was Bryan Cranston as Joe Brody.... He switches from visceral to morose so quickly, providing the dramatic anchor a monster movie sorely needed.

- Adlai Noonan

...if you want my advice, don't wait to see it on your TV. This movie was made for the theaters, and that's how you should enjoy it. And don't be surprised when you leave the theater wanting to see it again and again.

- Sean Bailey

#2 | X-Men: Days of Future Past

The pace of the movie is perfect. Fassbender's Magneto is as [villainous] as they come... yet you understand his pain and reasoning on why he feels sacrificing a few lives for his cause.... McAvoy's performance was flawless and should be nominated for best actor.

- Haz Bey

I walked into X-Men: Days of Future Past expecting the next "Avengers" if you may and walked out getting something even better.

- Dylan Hoang

It's a new beginning for the X-Men and I can't wait to see what the future has for us. We trust you Bryan Singer!!

- hope4superheroes

#1 | Captain America: The Winter Soldier

After the travesty that was the first film, this instalment takes leaps and bounds into becoming one of Marvel’s best films to date.

- Don Barrera

Some of the best choreographed action I've ever seen. Captain America is a super-soldier, and his action sequences definitely live up to the super.

- Fergus Coyle is the strongest solo property that Marvel Studios has put out to date

- Lamar Lyon

SURPRISE! You guys and gals like what Marvel's got goin' on. Who could have guessed?


Did the Moviepilot voters get it right?

Opinions are a thing, and everyone is entitled to their own, but I've got an inkling feeling that Cap 2 won't even be the best Marvel movie of 2014, let alone the best movie across the board....

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters August 1st!

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