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Following the news that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are expecting their first child, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the biggest Baby Goose-related news of the day was to do with the happy couple, and their imminent bouncing bundle of tabloid-pleasing joy.

Which, of course, it isn't. Why? Because Mendes' pregnancy might just impact on the chances of Gosling playing a superhero in the near future.

In response to the news, Latino-Review's one man rumor mill El Mayimbe had this to say:

Which we here at Moviepilot Towers think could well be taken two whole different ways:


a) El Mayimbe is under the impression that Gosling was about to take a major role in an upcoming superhero movie, but might now be rethinking. What with the wanting to spend time with his family and all.


b) El Mayimbe is under the impression that Gosling has recently turned down a major role in an upcoming superhero movie, but might now be rethinking. What with the extra mouth to feed and all.


Now, either way, there's nothing close to official word about this - though Gosling has previously reflected that if he was going to play a superhero, it would probably have to be The Flash - so it should be taken for what it is: a hint, not a solid rumor.

That being said, it's never too early to start thinking about who Gosling could - and should - play, whether in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, or elsewhere...

So, of course, we did.

First up:

The Flash

Pros: What with Gosling having previously (sort-of) linked himself to the part, surely there's no one more likely for him to play than Barry Allen/Wally West himself? With The Flash being a major part of DC's forthcoming movie plans, and the DC television universe apparently being completely severed from the movies, there's no real reason it couldn't happen.

Cons: Would Gosling really sign up to the likely seven picture deal that playing a character like The Flash would require?

Baby Goose Status: Thoughtful.

Next up:

Green Lantern

Pros: Ryan Reynolds is reportedly no longer playing the part, leaving it wide open for a Baby Goose takeover.

Cons: Green Lantern comes with the same level of commitment as The Flash - along with a whole bunch likely fan anger over Reynolds' dismissal.

Baby Goose Status: Angered.

Sticking with the green theme:

Green Arrow

Pros: He's blonde, edgy, and a fan favorite - as is Green Arrow. His public awareness has never been higher thanks to the CW TV series Arrow - and he wouldn't require a huge time commitment, being unlikely to get his own spin off movie.

Cons: Everyone already loves Stephen Amell in the role - and would the character have enough to do to justify the paycheck Gosling would command?

Baby Goose Status: Confused.

Green Arrow too dark?


Steve Trevor

Pros: The part of Wonder Woman's traditional love interest is complex, unlikely to require too many appearances, and in the more modern interpretations, pleasingly feminist. Gosling taking the role would - for DC - add the kind of star power a Wonder Woman movie may well need.

Cons: Nathan Fillion was born to play the part - and already did in the Wonder Woman animated movie.

Baby Goose Status: Looking in another direction.

Looking in a different comic-book companies direction, though?

What about:

Doctor Strange

Pros: Marvel need a name to play one of their least well-known upcoming heroes - and he's a seriously interesting part to play.

Cons: Gosling looks nothing like the comic's - or fan's - image of the hero - and those time commitment issues wouldn't go away.

Baby Goose Status: Militant.

And last but not least -

The Special Bonus Villain Option

Pros: The Joker has been proven to be one of the coolest and potentially critically acclaimed parts in comic-dom.

Cons: Gosling would be the subject of major fan hatred, he's too serious an actor to don that much make-up, and surely he's too big to play a villain? No, wait, that just describes Heath Ledger going into The Dark Knight...

Baby Goose Status: Confused.

All of which leaves us...right about where we started. Which means it's probably time for a reminder of the superhero Gosling has, in his words, already played - just to reassure ourselves that all is right in the universe:

"Here's the thing. 'Drive' was my attempt at the superhero movie. I had a costume and everything. The scorpion jacket. It was like my cape. It was like the idea of a guy that had seen too many superhero movies and then decided that he was going to make himself one."

Don't get what he means? Check this out, and tell me that couldn't just as easily be Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson...

[Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) is set for release May 6, 2016. With or without a baby goose.


What do you guys think? Which superhero role would you like to see Gosling play?

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