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Despite only appearing on screen for a accumulative matter of minutes and only grumbling a few lines of dialogue, Boba Fett quickly became one of the most badass and iconic characters of the Star Wars universe - mostly on account of his awesome armor.

Now, traditional Star Wars trivia dictates that Boba made his first appearance in an animated segment for the disastrous Star Wars Holiday Special in 1978. But, although this was a whole two years before he was actually introduced in the Empire Strikes Back, that wasn't actually the first time the public got a taste of the laconic bounty hunter.

Back in September 24th, 1978 the small town of San Anselmo was holding a County Fair parade and their guests of honor were no other than Darth Vader and his helmeted Mandalorian friend - Boba Fett.

Of course, at this time, no one knew who Boba was, or how important and iconic he'd eventually become. Here's what Star said about the event:

Parades are usually high school bands and Corn Princesses and floats, not flamethrowers and jetpacks and helmets. So what and why was Boba Fett in a parade in a small city twenty miles north of San Francisco? For one, San Anselmo was home to the famous house at 52 Park Way, which was the galactic core of Lucasfilm at the time. So once the annual fall parade came around, it seemed to make perfect sense. Why not?

The costume was donned by the assistant film editor Duwayne Dunham, and despite no one even knowing who the hell Boba Fett was (imagine that, there was once a time when Boba Fett was a nobody!), he was still given pride of place at the front with Darth - because someone in that armor just needs to be at the front. Here's what Dunham remembers of the event:

I would imagine that [for] most people seeing the two, they just figured it was a new character aligned with Vader. We were at the front end of the parade; we were leading the whole thing. We just walked side by side down the street. It was a little funny. My focus was on making the movie. San Anselmo is a small community. There weren’t that many people there and I don’t think any press outside of the San Anselmo newspaper covered it in any way.

And here are the photos. Indeed, it seems at the time no one even bothered to get a decent photo of the badass looking Boba:

And here he is in the animated segment of the Christmas Special. if you want to see the entire segment, check out the player below.

When he was strolling down the main street in San Anselmo, Dunham probably didn't expect Boba Fett to become the legendary character he is today. Indeed, he probably didn't also predict his rather anti-climatic sticky 'end' either:

Everybody had high, high hopes because Boba was such a cool-looking costume. Outside of Vader, it was the best. The character evolved…the all-white [version] was just another stormtrooper, a supertrooper. But as the character evolved, when he got painted…it was so cool. But everyone had high hopes. I was around George all the time and would hear all the conversations [so] I was looking for another character kind of on the level of Han Solo. But for some reason it just didn’t pan out as George had imagined, and then came Jedi, it was 'throw him in the Sarlaac pit!' We kinda mounted a protest saying 'You can’t do that to Boba Fett! He’s deserving of more!' But they threw him in…and as you know, fans have never let him die.

Boba Fett is perhaps the most badass character in the Star Wars universe - and that's saying something - I think a big part of this reputation is his almost nonchalant attitude to everyone and everything around him. He doesn't need to get freaked out or stressed, he just turns up, kicks ass and goes home.

Unfortunately, as we discovered recently, Boba Fett didn't look quite as cool under the helmet...


Who is the most badass Star Wars character?

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