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Stranger things have happened - including the director of Star Trek crossing the streams into the Star Wars universe - but this one would still be a huge deal for sci-fi geeks everywhere: Steven Moffat is reportedly being lined up to work on a Star Wars film in the near future.

Yes, that Steven Moffat.

The one with the Dalek bodyguard...
The one with the Dalek bodyguard...

Jedi News is reporting that the Doctor Who showrunner is in talks to either write or direct an upcoming Star Wars project - with a lot of speculation suggesting that it could well be Episode IX.

Now, this could obviously all just be another cruel case of misinformation, but if it turns out that there is truth to the rumor, it would be huge - not only for Star Wars, but also for Doctor Who, which could well lose its showrunner.

That said, if Moffat is involved, it seems far more likely that he'd have a hand in one of the spin-off movies - a Yoda spin-off seems a good fit, for instance. If he were to come aboard the main sequel trilogy, though, his time captaining the Who ship has already demonstrated some of the traits he'd need to win over Star Wars fans.

Case in point:

Want a careful, respectful - but hands on - relationship with beloved past installments of the franchise?

Done deal.

Want smart-mouthed, humor-filled, hugely consequential action?

Done, dusted, and doubled down.

Want a love story (or two) that spans years, but doesn't distract from the central action and ideas of the series?

Done, done and done. And I mean done.

It would also mean we had a whole bunch more opportunities to use the incredible image up top, created by Drombyb of DeviantArt. Which, just in case you missed it, is below. Because it's awesome.


The latest news from the Moffat camp is now in - and it doesn't look good for anyone looking forward to the prospect of a Doctor Who-tinged Star Wars film.

Sue Vertue, English television producer (and, crucially, Moffat's wife) has recently responded to the rumors on Twitter:

Which may well put an end to that one.

Unless, it's all part of a devious scheme to throw us all off the scent.

After all, it's rule #1: The Doctor Lies.

[Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) will hit the big screen on December 18, 2015, though, either way. Or at least, it better had. We've been waiting long enough, Abrams!


What do you guys think? If Moffat were to work on a Star Wars movie, what would you want it to be?



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