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Matt Carter

During AMC's excellent and informative documentary, Inside The Walking Dead, the spotlight was turned on everybody's favorite crossbow-wielding badass, Daryl Dixon - AKA Norman Reedus - but it was revealed that the crossbow might not be quite as badass as first thought.

See, it turns out that it's too dangerous to use real bolts on set (obvs), so they are added digitally in post production. The problem for Reedus is he has to remember where he "fired" the bolts so that he can then accurately retrieve them again later in the scene.

That's a bit of a logistical headache, I'm sure. Although probably not as much of headache as it is for this next walker. Apparently Reedus' favorite undead kill on the show was when he crushed this unfortunate flesh-eater's head with the trunk of a car.

Why waste "bolts" when a car door is perfectly adequate.


What would be your weapon of choice?

(Source ComicBook)


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