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When Damon was torn from Elena in the season 5 finale, it was painfully clear that she was devastated, but the idea that she might kill herself to be with her love never crossed my mind... Until today!

Rumors are billowing across the internet that Elena will be so distraught at the prospect of an immortal life without Damon that she will die in order to become human.

With the Other Side being totally blasted to smithereens by 'Project Kaboom', I don't know where she is planning on staging their 'afterlife' reunion, but I can see how Elena's naked desperation would lead to some rash decisions.

I really don't know what to think about this rumor. On one hand, it could be totally valid to inject some drama and emotion into season 6 - but on the other hand, I can't really imagine Elena just topping herself.

She might have been the naive girl next door at the beginning of the show, but Elena has grown into a strong and determined young woman who is a fighter through and through. The thought of her just throwing in her immortality just doesn't ring true.

Does anyone else agree?


Do you think Elena might kill herself in season 6?

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