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Kristen Stewart might have stolen the spotlight with her stunning new crop, but apparently the dramatic chop wasn't just about appearances...

According to a Hollywood Life insider, KStew also hacked off her flowing locks to help purge her past as one half of Robsten.

Thanks to the Twilight franchise, the 24-year-old actress has been hopelessly defined by her past relationship with Robert Pattinson. It doesn't seem to matter how many movies she slays alone, her and her ex's names are always intertwined.

Reportedly, Stewart is hoping that this fresh new look will help the public to see her as an independent woman in the driving seat of her own career. The insider source explained that;

Kristen wanted a change, she wanted to change things up. It was completely her decision to cut her hair. She’s done with the past and wants to be known for her work instead of any of the scandals that happened in the past. She feels really positive about herself and is just excited about her new freedom — letting go of regrets, stuff that holds you back. She’s moved on. Kristen is so over the whole Robsten thing. Cutting her hair was like purging that whole image

I'm sure that a lot of us ladies can understand the urge to reinvent yourself anew (and improved!) after a break up, so props to Kristen for this symbolic rebirth.

With her career accelerating along with such velocity, and a haircut that draws attention right into her gorgeous, elfin face, I think it's time for us all to raise a glass to the new KStew.

Chin chin!


Do you think Kristen's hair cut is a symbolic rebirth?

(Source: Hollywood Life)


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