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Anyone who likes to keep up with The Vampire Diaries cast like I do will be familiar with the perpetual backlash against Nina Dobrev since the Ian Somerhalder breakup. The internet seems to be hell bent on painting the 25-year-old as a loose, irresponsible woman who only cares about her own needs, and I am sick to the back teeth of it.

In the past few weeks Nina Dobrev has been sleeping around, breaking Ian Somerhalder's heart by refusing to marry him (reminder: she's 25!) and now she is apparently Pregnant... And of course, she doesn't know who the father is. I can't even.

The only time Nina has been 'Pregnant'!
The only time Nina has been 'Pregnant'!

Maybe it's something about appearing in vampire dramas? Kristen Stewart before her received the same sort of negative attention - but whereas Stewart did cheat on her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson - Dobrev (as far as we know) has done nothing wrong.

Apart from maybe being the woman who happened to date the man Vampire Diaries fans are crazy about, and then destroy their idea of a perfect romance by deciding they were better of as friends than a couple.

Ian Somerhalder seems to have totally come to terms with this, but the press has not caught up yet. Not that they want to.

Any opportunity to slander a woman who previously dated a heartthrob are pounced upon by the media in a (mostly misguided) attempt to harness the perceived hatred of the fandom.

In the day and age, it's still seen an infinite more scandalous for a woman to sleep around which means stories about this 'loose' behaviour (real or fictional) receive more column inches than the 'indiscretions' of their male counterparts.

Ian Somerhalder might have been 'connected' to other women, but the language used when reporting his dating habits is always polite and respectful, whereas it is often implied that Dobrev has cartloads of men on the go at the same time.

Nina Dobrev & her alleged 'hook up', Liam Hemsworth
Nina Dobrev & her alleged 'hook up', Liam Hemsworth

But, why all the hate?

Nobody knows the truth about Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev's breakup but, if it is indeed true that Nina left him because she wasn't ready for a marriage and a family - that is perfectly valid.

The expectation that all women should be leaping at the chance to tie the knot with a handsome family man (especially one with those eyes!) is obviously at fault here. Dobrev is only 25-years-old and she should not be punished by the fandom, or the media, for not wanting this level of commitment.

Even if a lot of people would chew off their own fingers to be married to Somerhalder, Nina isn't at fault for deciding not to be. She is being depicted as a silly little girl who doesn't know what's good for her instead of a mature professional woman making her own decisions - which isn't fair.

All of us Delena shippers know that, as an on-screen couple, Dobrev and Somerhalder have sizzling chemistry - but it is important to separate fantasy from reality. Sure, it was so cute when they got together in real-life, but it's also so cute how they have remained close friends who care for each other.

Well all know Delena have chemistry
Well all know Delena have chemistry

Of course none of us are friends with Dobrev (if you are - message me for a chat!), but she doesn't seem to deserve all this.

Dobrev is a professional actress who does an enormous amount of work for charity. At the moment, she seems to be having a blast with friends abroad, attending fashion weeks and simply having a good time like a young single woman should be!

It's time to dial down the Nina Dobrev rumors guys, she simply doesn't deserve them.


Do you think the media is too harsh on Nina Dobrev?

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