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The break between filming seasons five and six of The Vampire Dairies might be over now, but Nina Dobrev certainly made the most of her holidays!

The 25-year-old actresses was spotted rocking her sophisticated style at Versace's Paris Fashion Week show, and she could easily be mistaken for one of the models!

Check out the photos of dazzling Nina below;

There was one small 'flaw' in her outfit though!

Nina might a fashion forward gal, but she is also so stranger to the sporting life and adores daredevil hobbies such as rock-climbing and surfing to keep in shape.

Which might explain that huge plaster on her leg!

Who cares about an adhesive bandage when you look like you're having as much fun as Nina though? Keep those dazzling smiles coming, girl!


Do you think Nina Dobrev looked gorgeous at Paris fashion week?

(Source: Daily Mail)


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