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After news that Michael Douglas will be appearing at Comic-Con International in two weeks, a casting website begins reports that Ant-Man is in need of a young Michael Douglas look-alike who presumably would play the role of a young Hank Pym. The description asks for a 30 to 45-year-old look-alike, specifically in Douglas' "circa Wall Street, Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction" era.

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A young Michael Douglas for Ant-Man?
A young Michael Douglas for Ant-Man?

There's possibility that this young version of Douglas could be dawning the original [Ant-Man](movie:9048) costume before flashing forward to a present-day retired Hank Pym before handing over the hero's mantle to actor Paul Rudd's character Scott Lang, who according to rumor first steals the costume in order to secure money for his daughter's critical medical conditions.

How much involvement could this young Pym have to the storyline? In my personal opinion, the more, the better! Since we're practically skipping his entire career as a hero, it's only right to pay proper homage. This also brings up questions as to if we'll be seeing anything from the Wasp during Pym's young age, or if she's been completely re-originated as Pym's daughter for the sake of becoming Scott Lang's love interest instead, as some have speculated. Which would you prefer?

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Ant-Man will begins filming next month in Atlanta, Georgia as the first film to be produced at the new Pinewood Studios location.



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