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Warning: Graphic content contained in this article. NSFW!

It was announced recently that Japanese psycho-horror, Audition, was getting an English language remake, which is both terrible and excellent news. Excellent because it means a whole new generation will be able to experience this disturbing genre masterpiece, but terrible because Audition is so fcking messed up that said generation is going to be seriously traumatized by the experience.

This got me thinking about other foreign-language horror movies that are so disturbing and brutal, you hope they never get remade. I've got to warn you though that what follows is a journey into darkness and depravity and is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Here are 5 disturbing foreign-language horror movies that should NEVER be remade.


Despite being set during Christmas, there is nothing cheery about this filthy French horror.

A pregnant woman mistakenly let's a woman into her house thinking she was in need. Turns out what she actually needs is her unborn fetus and she'll do anything to get it out.

It really is as grim as it sounds.

Trouble Every Day

First off, this bloody mess of a movie stars Vincent Gallo so you know it's going to be weird. But quite how weird and depraved only becomes apparent when you realize the movie is about cannibalism and the link between sex and violence. Contains intense graphic scenes of sex and people eating each other.


Thought Eli Roth was the king of torture porn? Then you obviously haven't seen Martyrs. Probably one of the most depraved, violent and upsetting movies ever made, Martyrs deals with the issues of religion, feminism and the best way to extract maximum pain using household objects.

In My Skin

In My Skin is about a woman who slowly eats herself. I didn't know this was a thing, but apparently it's called autocannibalism. Either way, it makes for a really disturbing and bloody movie.

A Serbian Film

Almost certainly the most depraved, hardcore and damaging film ever made, A Serbian Film leaves no bloody stone unturned in its quest to shock and sicken. Nothing is off limits for this filth fest and if you can make it to the end of the movie without vomiting into the nearest bucket and screaming "make it stop" you're a stronger person than me.


Which movie makes you want to barf the most?


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