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Award seasons tend to be a stressful time for a TV Junkie like myself. Hoping your favorite show or actor gets a nomination is akin to watching your favorite sports team marching through their schedule headed for the BIG game.

Ok, maybe not exactly like that, but you get what I mean.

When you are a lover of multiple shows like myself, seeing them all get recognized would be a dream come true. Luckily for me, a lot of my favorites were given their props by the recent Emmy nominations, with one huge glaring error.

Where's the love for The Walking Dead?!

Year after year, you see the same shows get nominated for Outstanding 'this' or 'that', and in most cases it is well deserved. But when the nominations exclude a show and cast like The Walking Dead each year, I start to become a little upset. I gotta admit, it starts to drive me a little InShane.

Melissa McBride had one of the most emotionally charged, and brilliantly acted story-lines on television this year, and yet she's not nominated. Andrew Lincoln's portrayal of a reformed leader, who has to embrace the monster within himself to save his son, was nothing short of spectacular. But, Andy's not getting any love.

Am I biased? Well, a little. But, I am a TV Junkie, and other of my favorites were shown a whole lotta love. Game of Thrones topped the list with nominations, as did Orange is the New Black, and even American Horror Story roped some in what I think was a lackluster season.

So what is it about The Walking Dead that those in charge of the nominations just can't get passed? It can't be the blood and gore... look at AHS: Asylum or Game of Thrones, they were both pretty bloody. It can't be that it is because it airs on AMC and not CBS... Mad Men and Breaking Bad both had multiple nominations and wins in their respective histories.

We, the TWDFamily, know where the nominees are. Whether they are wandering the Georgia swamps, or trapped in train car 'A', the cast of The Walking Dead will always be the most Outstanding 'this' or 'that' in our book.

Maybe, one day, others will see what we see...if they aren't too busy looking at the flowers.


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