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Sources for Bleeding Cool, who have proven to be reliable in the past, have informed them that they have seen some Batman v. Superman designs for Doomsday.

Now, for those who don't know, Doomsday was the creature that killed Superman back in the early 90's. The battle spanned all the Superman titles at the time, and culminated in some really great artwork from Dan Jurgens in the end.

More recently, Doomsday has made a return in the New 52 Universe, appearing in Scott Lobdell's Doomed event.

Bleeding Cool does state, however, that things could change between now and the film's 2016 release date. This makes sense, of course, given that we're still a ways off from seeing this epic battle unfold on screen. Yet, it does make sense to bring in a larger, more powerful threat for Superman and his friends to battle throughout the course of the film, if you ask us.

Guess we just have to wait and see...

(Source: Bleeding Cool)

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