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Sure, everyone can waste hours on YouTube watching videos of kittens falling off counters or pandas sneezing. But who wants to sift through all the muck to find the hilarious stuff? You can watch Vines all day (like I do), or you can come here. I've complied my top ten list of funniest videos I've found on YouTube.

10. Ultimate Dog Tease

We love teasing our animals with food. Just watching the glimpse of hope in their eyes be dashed when you eat the chicken instead of giving it to them is enough for a year's worth of laughs. But there's something a little different about this video.

9. What Does the Fox Say?

Now, I loathe this song. To my very core. It's stupid. But this...this just made me laugh so hard...

And for those of you who actually like this song, here's a little bonus video. Shamefully, I laughed at this one way too hard.

8. How Animals Eat

I can't...

7. Camel Interrupts Interview

Sometimes animals don't care what you're doing. The proof is when I'm working at home or trying to sleep and my cat wants attention. Whether he decides he wants to sit on my laptop or my face, he's determined to get it. And this camel will do whatever it takes to be with the one he's lusting after.

6. Lizard Jumps on Anchorman

I hate wasps. They are the spawn of something more evil that Lucifer Himself. So when one of those bastards comes near me, I freak out just as much as this anchorman.

5. Fox 5 Jetpack Fail

I am still laughing at this one. Is it the hopeful, happy look on the pilot's face before the fail? Is it the anchorman laughing his own ass off? Whatever it is, it's brilliant.

4. Absence of Towels

Everybody loves The Silence of the Lambs, right? And everyone hates it when there are no towels after a shower, right? Then you should find this utterly hilarious.

3. Christmas Justin Bieber Voiceover

Someone took it upon themselves to dub the voice of the overused and over-loved Canadian "singer."

2. The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

I actually recently stumbled upon this one, but it plays on an inside joke my fiancé and I have.

What if honey badgers worked in retail?
Customer: "I'd like to return these shoes."
Customer: "But I--"

Anyway, just enjoy.

1. The Talking Dead

As far as I'm concerned, everyone should know about the Bad Lip Reading series. I absolutely love these and wish they'd make more. And this was a tough decision, but the Walking Dead Bad Lip Reading made me laugh the most, so it gets the top spot.

Have any other great funny YouTube videos to share? Let me know!


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