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Jordan Graham


Director, Jordan Graham is now in development on his new film, Valley of Exile, following up from his 2013 sci-fi / thriller, SPECTER beginning with the launch of a crowd-funding campaign on launching July 9th.

Valley of Exile follows an emotionally unstable man named Adam who isolates himself in deep wilderness, hiding from civilization and trying to cope with his medical issues. As insomnia and cabin fever set in, Adam desperately tries to keep his mind preoccupied. He pursues his daily activity of hunting, but there’s been a strange absence of wildlife. When Adam’s condition worsens, he begins to feel a haunting presence that's constantly watching, studying, and testing him. The animals may have disappeared, but something out there still remains and is now stalking his every move.

The film was written, and will be directed by Jordan Graham and stars Gabriel Nicholson, Michael Daniel, Aurora Wonder Lowe, and Rachel Johnson.

Link to campaign:


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