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Honesty time: While I am a total awards show junkie, I've never put a ton of stock in the Emmys. This particular sentiment was solidified last year when Jeff Daniels won the Best Actor in a Drama Emmy for The Newsroom over Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad. The Emmys have absolutely no stock over what I watch or how much I enjoy television. And yet...

I still always get very worked up about the nominations and this year is no exception. While I was thrilled to see the nominations for Orange is the New Black, and appreciated that Fargo got the attention it deserved, I don't understand all of the AHS: Coven noms. This was a weak season, and while the acting was as good as ever, the writing and directing was nothing exceptional. But more to the point: Why all of the nominations for AHS but NONE for Hannibal, a series that outpaced AHS in every single possible category?

Sorrynotsorry, I wanted more from all of you.
Sorrynotsorry, I wanted more from all of you.

Hannibal is, bar none, the best series on television right now. The acting is phenomenal, the scripts are a thing of beauty, and the direction is jaw dropping. Brian Fuller's eye for detail is insane, and he manages to make each death scene horrifying, but an absolute work of art.

Seriously. DO YOU SEE THAT??
Seriously. DO YOU SEE THAT??

Emmy voters may be trying to show how cool and "into horror" they are with their American Horror Story nominations, but have only proved how deeply they are not in tune with true horror. The worst part is, that for every season Hannibal goes neglected by the Emmys, the less likely it is that NBC will give Hannibal the long life it deserves. Television is about money and prestige, and this magnificent show has earned a lot more love than it got this year.


Do you think Hannibal was snubbed by the Emmys?


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