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In 1979 or so, an animation studio in South Korea made a movie containing their own version of Batman, sometimes called a blatant rip-off by some, called Black Star vs. Golden Bat. I've never actually seen the film, but I think it's interesting!

From what I've read on the Internet Movie Database, the plot for the film goes like this: a group of kids accidentally discover a super-villain known as the Black Star. The kids idolize a legendary superhero known as the Golden Bat, who obviously looks exactly like Batman, and they want to rely on him in order to save them from the Black Star.

It may be called a knock-off and an unlicensed version of Batman (like how Andy Warhol, the legendary pioneer of the Pop Art movement, made an unauthorized film adaptation of Batman in the 1960's), but I think Black Star vs. Golden Bat is a darn good film; the Golden Bat's costume looks awesome, and this anime is very special because it is made in South Korea.

I can't think of anything else to say, so feel free to comment whatever your opinion on Black Star vs. Golden Bat is!


What do you think of Black Star vs. Golden Bat?


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