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I love Cowboy Bebop, if you want to get into anime at all, I highly recommend you start with Cowboy Bebop. Now, for a few years a live-action film has been talked about and Keanu Reeves signed on to the roll of Spike Spiegel and the last we heard about the movie is that it probably wouldn't happen because it would cost half a billion dollars to make. So im gonna give my own fancast for the main three characters that have to be in the movie (Spike, Jet Black, and Faye).

Spike Spiegiel

Now Spike isn't very difficult to cast, there are lots of people who could play Spike and be amazing at the role so here are three people who could play Spike.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu has already signed onto the role and has gotten a very large amount of hate for being cast as Spike but I can see him playing Spike perfectly, because im one of those guys that when someone is cast as one of my favorite characters I imagine live action reenactments of whatever the actor is playing and I match the voice up in my head and Keanu would be awesome! Plus if you have seen Constantine, thats the closest hes played to Spike's personality. He looks like him as well, look at the picture below where I morphed his and Spike's face:

But just in case Keanu leaves the role, here is a few other choices!

Joseph Gordon Levitt

Look at the picture above, he would freaking awesome as Spike Spiegel! He even looks like him to! Here is a picture of JGL's face morphed with Spikes:

He looks more like Spike then Keanu, plus Keanu is a bit old for the part.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict would help bring even more money to the film because Benedict has a huge fangirl following! They will watch whatever Benedict is in! Plus don't tell me he wouldn't be awesome as Spike!

Jet Black

The one person I could see as Jet Black is Vin Diesel!

Vin Diesel

Now I originally wanted Bruce Willis as Jet Black but Bruce is getting a little old to play Jet although if they could pull it off that would be awesome too.

Faye Valentine

I have seen some terrible casting choices for Faye including Megan Fox! Well, I can only see one person as Faye...

Mary- Elizabeth Winstead

She is a beautiful actress, she has the look, she could definitely pull off the rold of Faye, in fact here is yet another picture of her and faye valentine's face morphed together:

Let me know what you think of my fan-cast in the comments below!


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