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FX series [The Strain](series:936019), is a highly anticipated and teased vampire series based on the novels by by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan that came under a little bit of fire in past weeks for the artwork depicted on LA billboards - causing complaints that saw many of the billboards removed. Guillermo del Toro and Carlton Cuse, the production behind the upcoming FX series, were at a press conference yesterday, and they addressed the LA billboards that have been getting so much negative attention, in JUST the way I was hoping they would.

“I think the advertising was bold and imaginative and clearly not for everyone. I think FX does an incredible job marketing their shows and they want to convey the show was edgy bold and out there. I certainly understand it might have been too far out there for some people, but I personally liked it but I understand it was necessary to make accommodations for those out there.”
-Carlton Cuse

Del Toro also agreed that the art fits the show and he thinks it works:

“FX knows who their audience is and what kind of advertisement it is. And they’ve created some chilling images for their shows in the past, it’s not for everyone, even though the show has many more layers, I like to believe, as we go on in to the season. But we do go to territories that are extreme. It’s a biological takeover and a body invasion series. We go into places that are extreme and they are extreme because we’re dealing with a fear that is essential – a biological invasion, it’s not a knife slicing someone open. When you come to think about it, it’s the concept that’s disturbing. The worm with the eye, the juxtaposition is powerful and is the most invasive horror we do explore in the show”

LA might be comfortable with varying degrees of nudity on their billboards, but when you add in some wormy eyeballs, they get all up in arms...funny that.

Three Cheers for Horror TV!

(Quote source: Shock Till You Drop)


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