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Yesterday, every citizen of Panem tuned into Capitol T.V. to hear an important message from President Snow. In his speech, Snow talks about how Panem has never been more united. "Panem is speaking with one voice..." he says. "The Capitol and the Districts bound together in solidarity." Meanwhile, Beetee and the rebels risked their lives to get one simple message to the public: The Mockingjay Lives.

The second trailer starts out just as the last one did, with the golden logo of Capitol T.V. Now, it hasn't been said if these Capitol T.V. teasers are part of the actual movie or just propaganda. Personally I think these clips are propaganda and every Hunger Games fan knows that propaganda plays a humungous part in the plot. I think the teasers are really cool and they kind of show viewers what is going on in Panem.

The camera then focuses on President Snow. Decked out in all white, Snow is sitting on his decadent throne just like the first trailer. Peeta is in the same exact spot as last time but on Snow's other side is a face we all know and love: Johanna Mason.

Johanna is standing in a very un-Johanna like way with a long white dress and a hand on her hip. She looks poised and elegant, nothing like the Johanna from Catching Fire. Her hair is also blonde and in a nice hairdo that looks nothing like her short brunette hair from the last installment. My guess is that Snow completely changed her look when she was captured to make her seem more compliant. I don't know why Johanna is in this video and not the first one. Maybe it has something to do with this video's theme which is unity. The citizens of Panem know Johanna wasn't a fan of the Capitol. Maybe by putting her in the video with unity Snow is showing citizens that everyone, including past victors of the Games, really is uniting together.

Johanna looks like a completely different person! (sorry for the bad image quality!)

Peeta pretty much looks the same as he did in the first teaser. He looks detached and stoic. Nothing like the original Peeta. He is also dressed in white with his hands clasped in front of him. Now, if you look really closely in the trailer it looks like Peeta is shaking his head. Is he shaking his head Or is he just trying to get comfortable with that triangle thing poking his throat? I hope he is shaking his head, silently disagreeing with what Snow is saying.If Peeta is shaking his head, what is he shaking his head to? That would be President Snow's speech on unity. The first time I watched the trailer I literally cringed during his speech. Here it is,

Throughout this great nation, never have we been more unified because now more than ever, Panem is speaking with one voice. The Capitol and the District bound together in solidarity together as one we are forging a stronger future...

The people of Panem must be worried after the ending to the last Hunger Games. Whispers of a rebellion are probably circulating all the districts so President Snow has to address his people. He says that Panem has never been more unified and that they are building a stronger future. The citizens of Panem probably don't know what to think. Should they believe the President and the Capitol or believe in the Rebellion? Just as Snow starts to talk about a better future we hear a static, and in the static, a voice. It's a voice we have all heard before because it belongs to Beetee Latier, Katniss's ally in the Games. Soon Peeta, President Snow, and Johanna disappear from the screen and are replaced with some more static but finally Beetee.

"This a pirate transmission from District 13, repeat this is a pirate transmission from District 13." -Beetee

The people of Panem must be shocked! According to Snow, District 13 was destroyed years ago during the first resistance. District 13 was destroyed to set an example: don't mess with the Capitol. I think the symbolism here is perfect. District 13 is a reminder of rebellion and now the new rebellion is operating from there. I like how they mentioned District 13 to let people know that it was home to the Rebellion but they also just gave away their location. Can't Snow just send an army to them? Or destroy District 13 all over again?

Beetee's face finally becomes clear just in time for him to deliver the most important message in Panem. The Mockingjay Lives. The Mockingjay is a symbol. It is a symbol of rebellion and hope. But the Mockingjay is also Katniss. I don't think the message was trying to say that Katniss is alive. I think Beetee wanted the world to know that the resistance lives. That there is a rebellion who won't go down without a fight. Beetee just gave Panem faith in the Rebellion, which is what they so desperately needed.

Haven't seen the trailer yet? Here it is!

What are your thoughts from the trailer? And who's excited for November?! Let me know down in the comments!


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