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The Emmy Award Nominations were released earlier today and, surprise, surprise, a huge snub has occurred. I'm not sure what the deal is here, but it seems as though anything related to Sci-Fi does not get nominated. 'Orphan Black's' Tatiana Maslany has been ripped off again by these nominations.

Maybe Sci-Fi shows take a bit longer to be watched and recognized? Tatiana plays a whole bunch of different characters and makes each character believably different from the rest. She plays Sarah, the street-smart girl who is the main focus of the show. Cosima, the science geek who is both the brightest and the nicest of the clones. Alison, the soccer mom who is hilariously uptight and tends to struggle with occasional substance abuse problems. Helena, the clone who doesn't seem to be all there mentally, but has grown from being very frightening to kind of funny and sweet at times. Rachel, the clone who is out to get all of her fellow clones because she's evil and selfish. She has played other clones, too, but these are the main clones, as of the end of Season 2.

Not only does she play each character differently, but she also has scenes where she is one clone impersonating another clone. She does this believably as well! With all this diverse and impressive acting, she should've at least been nominated for Best Actress in a Drama series. I think they really could've nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama series, too, since she plays so many characters!

Maybe next year, she will finally be nominated and some other deserving show or actor will be snubbed instead. 'Orphan Black' has been renewed for its third season on BBC America and returns next year. If you haven't watched 'Orphan Black,' then you'll definitely have some time to catch up on its two seasons between now and then.


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