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The 2014 Emmy nominations have been announced, and unlike many of the nominees who casually shrug of the news, usually coupled with a smug "Oh... they where announcing them today?", Sarah Paulson has made no attempts to hide her awareness and excitement for the awards.

Paulson has been nominated for her role as the loveable Cordelia Goode, in the third season of hit TV series 'American Horror Story: Coven.' The category of Outstanding Lead Actress in a miniseries or movie also features fellow cast member Jessica Lange nominated for her role as her on screen mother, and evil supreme Fiona Goode.

Paulson & Lange in Coven
Paulson & Lange in Coven

Speaking on her nomination, Paulson tells of how she heard the news and how she plans to celebrate!

"I knew it was happening. We're in New Orleans starting to shoot. The sun was coming up and I didn't get the call and I fell back to sleep and the phone rang. The first person I heard from was the costume designer on our show. And then the phone started to explode,"
"Believe me, I have a text going with our cast and crew that's here to make a plan for drunken debauchery that will happen, we're in New Orleans. The only way to celebrate is to kick back a few."

Paulson is in New Orleans, preparing to start shooting on the new season of American Horror Story: Freakshow. The new theme was extremely popular with fans of the show, as Ryan Murphy hinted at a scarier and darker series, much like Asylum (Series 2).

Sarah Paulson further enhanced the excitement surrounding season four, agreeing that the show was being taken in a new direction;

"Having read the first two scripts, it's going to be everything everyone hopes it to be and more. It's very new, and unlike anything that the show has been before. That's very exciting for us. We had hair and makeup tests yesterday. I could feel a crackling kind of excitement,"

In the third season of the show, Paulson and Lange face off not just as Mother v. Daughter, but also as Supreme v. Potential Supreme. In the end, Cordelia came out on top, but will it be the same for the Emmys?

The other nominees in the category are Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth Taylor (Burton And Taylor), Minnie Driver as Maggie Royal (Return To Zero), Kristen Wiig as Cynthia Morehouse (The Spoils Of Babylon) and last but not least Cicely Tyson as Carrie Watts (The Trip To Bountiful).


Who Will Win ?

(Source: USA Today)


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