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Justin Driver

Ok, so we all know by now about AMC producing a [Breaking Bad](series:200567) spinoff known as Better Call Saul. It is the trials and tribulations of criminal lawyer, Saul Goodman, in the time leading up to establishing his strip-mall law office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This all sounds great but should Walter and Jessie appear? If so, then I have a few ideas to do this!

  • 1. Saul could drive by the school that Walt works at. Pretty dumb I know, but Walt could be outside or something else simple.

  • 2. Saul might go to a Waffle House and see Jessie there? Who knows, Saul might just get hungry!

  • 3. Walter washes his car at the car wash Walt worked at as a second job. Remember when he didn't own it? That would make the internet explode!

So, what do you guys think about Walter and Jessie possibly making a cameo? Should it happen? In what ways?


Should Walter and Jessie make a cameo in Better Caul Saul?


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