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James Tarragano

As Hollywood starts running low on ideas they begin to circle around stories from religious texts. Recently we had "Noah" featuring Russell Crowe. Now they are bringing us Exodus: Gods and Kings. I am all for getting these bible stories told in a way to make them relevant to a new audience. I am not, however, as big a fan of how these stories are being portrayed.

I mean lets start with the director. Ridley Scott is at the helm and has been quoted as saying that "religion is the biggest source of evil. Everyone is tearing each other apart in the name of their personal god. And the irony is, by definition, they're probably worshiping the same god". Is this really a guy you want handling a story from the bible?

Then in the role of Moses we have Christian Bale. Bale notoriously lost it on the set of the Batman movies. His rantings aside, do we really want to hear Moses saying "Let my people go!" like he's gargled marbles?

When is someone who truly cares for the source material gonna make a Bible based movie?

Tune in next time for my comparison of Left Behind movies.

What do you think, will [Exodus: Gods and Kings](movie:44617) be a big hit, or just another so-so bible movie?


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