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One of the most common reactions to this summer's X-Men: Days of Future Past - love it, hate it, or stumbled into it by accident - was what was missing. Where was Rogue? Why did Havok only have a cameo? Just what were Bishop's powers, anyway?

Well, as it turns out, there was a whole lot of stuff we didn't see - and it might just reveal a huge SPOILER or two for X-Men: Apocalypse.

Anthony XMF at has just released a whole bunch of fresh information about the scenes that were cut from Days of Future Past - either at the script stage, or in post-production. Some of the information has appeared before in other forms, but as a whole it paints a picture of a very different movie, with several characters that didn't make the final cut - as well as revealing just what we could expect to see in X-Men: Apocalypse.

As such, expect major SPOILERS for X-Men: Days of Future Past, and possibly for X-Men: Apocalypse, below...

The film, also, though, originally saw more than one big surprise.

For instance:

Havok Totally Dies

"Aw, man..."
"Aw, man..."

Remember Mystique's awesome military breakout? Y'know, this one:

Well, originally, Havok didn't escape with the rest of the military mutants. Instead, he was captured by Stryker - and we later see him in his own scene, being chased by a sentinel. Which, it seems, ends badly. That scene where Mystique discovers the autopsy reports for her old friends from First Class? Let's just say there was another report on the pile...

Now, this could have changed for a whole lot of reasons - not wanting to be unnecessarily murderous being just one of them - but there's another distinct possibility. With X-Men: Apocalypse now looking set to feature some of the original X-Men when they were young - including Cyclops - it seems more and more likely that Bryan Singer decided to keep Havok (Cyclops' brother in the comics) alive for narrative reasons.

That, though, we're unlikely to see - you'd have to assume it was changed at the script stage. Others, though, could well be on their way in an Extended Edition pretty darned soon.

For instance:

Rogue Actually Appeared in the Main Story

I mean, there's tardy, and then there's TARDY.
I mean, there's tardy, and then there's TARDY.

By now, pretty much everyone and their dog has heard about how Rogue's big scene was cut from Days of Future Past - but it turns out that may also have impacted on the roles of several other characters, too. Iceman, Storm and Bishop were originally supposed to have much larger roles - with Iceman accompanying Magneto and Professor X to rescue Rogue, and Bishop taking a subsequently larger role in defending Wolverine and Kitty Pryde.

Odds are we won't see most of that in the extended version - but we can at least look forward to a whole load more of Anna Paquin than we saw in cinemas.

Speaking of characters who barely appeared in the final movie:

Bishop Originally Had an Actual Part

It's the usual movie routine. Cast an internationally famous, critically acclaimed actor in your big-budget tentpole picture, give them one of the cooler parts in comic-dom, and then do your best to make sure no-one realizes they're in the movie.

Poor Omar Sy. Bishop on the page is a dark, mysterious and generally awesome character. On screen, no-one who hadn't read the comics had any idea what on Earth his powers we even supposed to be - and he was relegated to being just one of the cannon-fodder book-end mutants.

Originally, though, he had a whole lot more to do. Defending Kitty and Wolverine aside, he originally got an actual, factual dialogue scene - in which he warned against the risks of time travel, talked about how it could cause some of them to not exist, and pointed out to Wolverine that he'll still remember everything if he succeeds.

Which sounds cool, but also lengthy, and very much like the sort of extraneous exposition that gets cut out in the edit bay. Which means we'll probably see it soon, and can work it out for ourselves.

At least Bishop made it into the film, though - and could still have a role to play in Apocalypse. Some characters weren't so lucky:

Jubilee Was Supposed to Blow Stuff Up

As confirmed by Phillip Boutte Jr's concept art, Jubilee was originally intended to appear - most likely in place of Sunspot. Not that it stopped her dying by being blasted off the wall in the final battle, though.

Could we still see her in Apocalypse, though?

It doesn't seem hugely likely - but possibly more so than another character who almost appeared:

Such as:

The Juggernaut Was Cut...For Quicksilver

Once again, concept art confirms it - in this instance, by Anthony Jones. Juggernaut was originally supposed to feature as an 18 year old football player, and former Xavier student - who helps to break Magneto out of prison.

The whole subtle, awesome, Quicksilver scene? Yeah, that was gone. In it's place?

Juggernaut jumps out of the X-Jet, and dives through a whole bunch of levels of the Pentagon. Which is...effective, I suppose. The coolest part of the whole thing was that Wolverine was set to jump after him, and break every bone in his body on landing.

Still, though, it would have meant replacing this piece of awesomeness:

with something a lot more like this:

Which is never a good idea, but does suggest there might still be a possible return for the Juggernaut in a future X-movie.

Some stuff that was cut out might be a whole lot more controversial, though.

Such as:

Beast and Mystique Had a Romantic Sub-Plot

Not everyone loved the Beast and Mystique romance angle to X-Men: First Class, so it wasn't a huge surprise to see it massively down-played in Days of Future Past. Originally, though, it was a whole big chunk of the film.

At one point, Beast offers Mystique the chance to take his serum, and get rid of her mutation - which she refuses. She points out that they could be together - but only if he accepts their mutation.

Which, the original ending suggests, he eventually did - as we were set to see the two of them teaching a biology class together.

The absence of which in the final film could point towards a very different ultimate outcome for Mystique - or could just imply that the filmmakers wanted to leave their options open...

The big one, though, has to do with THAT post-credits sting:

Apocalypse Originally Appeared in a VERY Different Way

That Post-Credits scene - the one set in Ancient Egypt, and not really revealing anything much to non-comicbook fans - wasn't originally set to be in the movie.

In it's place, we were set to see something way cooler - and a whole lot more revealing about what to expect from X-Men: Apocalypse.

We still saw Apocalypse, but instead of getting a glimpse of him way back in the past, we saw him fall from the sky - and combine himself with Magneto.

Which, from the sounds of it, is probably what we should now expect to happen around about the end of the first act of X-Men: Apocalypse.

[X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) is set to arrive in cinemas - Apocalypse/Magneto joining scene or not - May 27, 2016.


What do you guys think? Which scene we didn't see would you most like to see?



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