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After the death of his brother Damon, Stefan Salvatore will clearly be an emotional wreck at times in The Vampire Diaries season 6, but will he really be desperate enough to go to Enzo for comfort?!

According to TVLine's spoiler report - he will be!

Whereas fans have always assumed that Sefan would go to Caroline or Elena for comfort in the dark times following Damon and Bonnie's deaths, it seems like the writers might have a twist in their tale.

The idea of Stefan and Enzo comforting each other seems pretty far fetched. Especially considering how Enzo framed Stefan for his murder in Season 5 in order to tear the Salvatore brothers close relationship apart for revenge.

The only positive connection that these characters have is a strong bond with Damon. Enzo was Damon's cell mate, close friend and almost a brotherly figure when he was separated from Stefan, so maybe this could help to bring them together.

Of course, the 'Denzo' relationship was strained after Enzo learnt that Damon killed his lady love, Maggie, but there must still be some feelings of affection buried deep down. Maybe learning that Damon is on the Other Side and may never return will give Enzo a nostalgia for the old days and soften his hatred?

It might seem an unlikely pairing, but you have to admit this would be a great plot twist and miles away from what we are expecting.

I just hope Stefan goes to Caroline for comfort too. I am shipping 'Steroline' so hard right now!


Do you like the sound of this unlikely relationship?

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