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Worlds collided at Paris Fashion Week when Dakota Johnson was photographed with her Twilight muse, Kristen Stewart.

The enormously popular erotic novel by Stefanie Meyer was originally penned as an exceptionally saucy Twilight fan fiction and Johnson's character, Anastasia Steele, owes a lot to KStew's depiction of Bella Swan.

Kristen herself has some pretty strong opinions about [Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697) . When interviewed about the steamy sadomasochistic romp last year she said that;

I’ve skimmed parts of it. When I read the first few pages describing her messy hair, I was like, ‘This is so strange,’ But it’s just so raunchy! I mean, obviously, everyone knows that. But when I see people reading it on planes and stuff, I’m genuinely creeped out. Like, you’re basically just reading porn right now! Get that blanket off your lap!

Although the thought of people getting their porno kicks in public made Stewart cringe, this clearly hasn't tainted her view of Dakota Johnson!

The pair looked genuinely happy to see each other as they flashed their pearly whites for the camera, so maybe they also buddied up at the MET Gala they both attended in May.

Also, do you think they wore those 'angel devil' colour schemes on purpose? It just seems so appropriate!


Could this be the beginning of a beautiful new celebrity friendship?

(Source: Hollywood Life)


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