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Lucy Griffiths, who was cast and had already shot parts of the show [Constantine](movie:874314) as 'Liv', has apparently left the show following a reported 'different direction' being taken by the creators. The show instead will be introducing another character called Zed who is a regular in the books. She has yet to be cast.

This is the second bit of controversy around the show, the first being that Constantine couldn't smoke. It seems like it couldn't be that important on the surface but in fact it is very important in certain sections of the comics. It is frustrating that the only reason for this is that, companies don't want to glorify smoking and so a story must suffer as a result.

Lucy left the show, she was not fired, due to this 'different direction'. This does cast a question over the quality of the show. If too many changes are being made it can to mean the studio is meddling and we should hope for the worst. However it could also mean that there's a great creative team at the helm and they are stopping at nothing to make the piece good. Here's hoping the latter is the case.

Constantine centers on master of the occult John Constantine (Criminal Minds' Matt Ryan), who struggles with his faith as he is haunted by the sins of his past and is suddenly thrust into the role of defending humanity from the gathering forces of darkness.

The show is set to air October 24th

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Constantine's quality.

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