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David Aaron Gray

A few words from the production team in response to recent racist comments received (CLICK ON THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM TO SEE THE COMMENTS):

Those of us committed to bringing worldwide awareness to the heroic deeds of Witold Pilecki have always understood that by telling Witold’s story, we may be forced to confront some challenging and uncomfortable topics. Chief among these (as evidenced by some recent posts to our Facebook page), is the very delicate subject of Polish / Jewish relations during the Second World War.

It is beyond debate that the German persecution of the Polish people was unique in its brutality, even by Nazi standards. For no nation on Earth suffered more during World War II than did the nation of Poland. And, of course, the misery did not end with the defeat of Hitler and the liberation of the concentration camps. Instead, by 1945 a new chapter of totalitarian occupation and persecution was about to begin for Poland…and this one was to be 40 years longer and (in that sense) no less brutal than the Nazi chapter that preceded it.

Sadly, the world will always be filled with ignorant and hateful inhabitants. And one of the snags of a free society (the type of society that Witold Pilecki fought for) is that even the ill-informed have the right to voice their tragically misguided convictions. Comments like the ones recently posted to our Facebook page serve as a reminder that callous and unjustified acts of intolerance are not things of the past…they did not die with the Nazis, nor with the fall of the Berlin Wall...they exist at this very moment and in every corner of the world.

That is why we are making this film. Just as the world needs to be reminded of the existence of hate, violence and evil it must also be made aware of the existence of real people who were and are willing to combat these forces...even at the expense of their very lives.

Witold Pilecki was such a person. And no group of people, (Polish, Jewish or Amish) owns the right to the universal set of virtues he practiced. The intrepidness of his actions transcend borders and religious differences. And it is our conviction that when seen through the magic of film, the righteousness of Witold Pilecki will speak to all of us willing to listen.



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