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[The Amazing Spider-Man 3](movie:671279) could go in any direction with it's story, they have hundreds of comics to chose from, just what one will they chose?

Sinister Six

The first one I think they might chose are the Sinister Six comics, it is bound to happen since in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we did see a hint that were there, some said that the [Sinister Six](movie:1274281) would be in another film called Sinister Six but that seems a bit stupid to me. It would show recruiting all six and then them finally going after Spider-Man then in the end Spider-Man defeating them.

They could maybe even have Spider-Man fight all them before they make the group?

In some parts of the movie it could show Peter Parker trying to deal with Gwen's death, and maybe him meeting Mary-Jane?

  Mary Jane in Spiderman 1
Mary Jane in Spiderman 1

Something To Do With Venom

[Venom](movie:372411) is the main villain of the Spider-Man comics, they do have to include him at some point in the films. Maybe even just a Venom film is a great idea, at one point or another they will definitely do something with Venom, since he is one of sSpiderman's main villains.

Which Venom should it be though? I think it should be Flash Thompson as Venom as his story in my opininion is better than people like Harry Osborn or Eddie Brock.

The Death Of Spider-Man/Miles Morales

In a slightly newer comic for Spider-Man, we see Spider-Man killed then replaced by Miles Morales who has a cooler costume in my opinion. It could show Miles' origin? Here is a picture of Miles' version of Spidey.

  Picture from one of the comics, but i forgot which.
Picture from one of the comics, but i forgot which.

Those were the three things I thought off at the start, if you have any ideas, leave them down below!


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