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The sinister lair of the supernatural that is Creepypasta has a penchant for dragging you deep into the darkest corners of the internet.

Once you delve into these chilling online ghost stories, it's hard to stop rummaging around for a terrifying tale that will creep you out even more than the last.

After my last expedition into the realms of twisted imagination, you guys provided me with plenty of new pant-wetting reading material, and here are my worst picks...

Laughing Jack

Basic Plot: Children have bizarre imaginations that can often lead to them saying things we find damn right creepy, but what if they were really telling the truth?

Laughing Jack is the tale of the mother of a quiet, introverted young son named James who starts speaking to an unseen 'friend' in the garden. When she questions the little boy about who his new friend is he innocently replies that his name is 'Laughing Jack'.

Although the mother is spooked by the strange name her child has dreamt up, she figures it's normal for shy children to have imaginary friends... That is, until she starts having horrifying nightmares about circuses of deformed children and mysterious sweets start appearing.

After wrestling some mysterious sweets out of James' hand, the mother demands to know where they came from. Of course, she already knows deep down that the answer will be Laughing Jack, who her son describes as a clown with a black and white spiral nose.

After another night of violent nightmares, the mother is awoken by a blood curdling scream and she finds her son has wet himself with fear... Oh, and that the family dog has been stuffed with sweets, its entrails hung from the light fitting like an evil pinata.

When the police are called, they clearly think the mother is unhinged as she babbles about Laughing Jack, but the evidence can't be ignored and they take a report.

After somehow falling asleep again, the mother awakens to more screams and runs frantically to her sons room only to be greeted by her baby nailed to the wall with his entrails slopping out of his stomach.

Horrified, she realizes he is still alive, but when she steps forwards to comfort her child - Laughing Jack bursts from the shadows. She grabs some scissors to stab the nightmare clown, but when she lunges at him the blades pass straight through him into her sons heart.

Our protagonist is revealed to be writing her story from a mental institution, but who knows whether Jack was real or not...

Why will it totally s**t you up? Can you ever really trust your own sanity when it comes to creepy situations?

Trauma factor: You won't be babysitting a kid with an 'imaginary friend' again. Ever.

Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv

Basic Plot: According to internet legend, people who have watched the full version of the short video above have not reacted well...

In fact, 153 of them gouged out their own eyes and mailed them to YouTube's flagship office in San Bruno. After the grizzly packages arrived, it was revealed that the eyeless mailers had also committed suicide in various ways.

According to Creepypasta lore, the person who uploaded the full version of the video was never found, the IP address being non-existant. The man in the video has never been identified.

Why will it totally s**t you up? If you watched the video and didn't find yourself with rampant psychosis it could just be a matter of time before the eye-gouging urges kick in.

Trauma factor: If you watched the whole thing, you'll probably want to stay away from knives, letter openers and anything remotely gougey!

Abandoned by Disney

Basic Plot: It's a well known fact that the world has more than its fair share of eerie abandoned theme parks, but Disney's discarded luxury resort in North Carolina is a well kept secret.

According to the Creepypasta story, the $30,000,000 resort named 'Mowglai's Palace' was a huge failure that was eventually abandoned and devoured by the surrounding forest. Needless to say, this forsaken place became an oasis for urban explorers, including the man who penned this terrifying tale.

After locating the abandoned Disney resort, our narrator finds the usual creepy sights. You know the drill - smashed up toilets, kitchen meat hooks swaying in the breeze, huge pythons liberated from their vivariums after the closure.

Eventually our solitary protagonist finds a padlocked door that has remained untouched since the day the resort closed. To his delight, it leads to the Mascots-Only area. After kicking the door open, the narrator is greeted with a eerie, musty smelling time capsule. Pens and notepads sit covered in layers of thick dust and the carpet has rotted to a foul, crimson mush.

At the end of the corridor in a dead-end room, he finally finds what he has been looking for. Row upon row of putrid and bedraggled character costumes hanging from their necks and, a bizarre looking photo-negative version of Mickey Mouse crumpled on the floor in the centre of the room.

Feeling ill at ease and desperate for a good shot, the urban explorer plucks the sopping, ragged head off a Donald Duck mannequin to stage a photograph. As soon as the head is removed he hears an echoing clatter and looks down to see a shattered human skull by his feet.

Desperate to document the evidence of Disney's negligence to the world, the narrator snaps some images of the skull. But, in the corner of his eye, he sees something even more gut wrenching.

Mickey Mouse is clawing himself off the floor and ambling toward him. Frozen with fear, the reverse-colored Mickey reaches him and whispers in his ear "do you want to see my head come off?".

Mickey starts to claw his character head off clumsily will his gloved hands in a fit of desperate movements unleashing a torrent of thick, curdled blood and pus.

As the terrified explorer runs away, the sickening tearing of fabric and flesh fill his ears and he sees the words 'Abandoned by God' clawed frantically above the door.

Why will it totally s**t you up? Places like this actually exist all around the world, and the reasons for their abandonment are mostly kept secret. Is this to protect the brand, or to hide something unspeakably sinister that happened there?

Trauma factor: Yeah, you enjoy that 'Magic Kingdom' guys... I think I'll just stay in the car and read a nice book.


Basic Plot: The premise of the Goatman story is simple, but utterly chilling.

This shape-shifting creature can assume any form, but it loves to be human best of all. Because it has taste, obviously.

Once the Goatman takes hold of a person, they will start acting bizarrely and speaking in an almost inaudible gibberish. People staring into space and seeming unaware of their surroundings should be viewed as possessed if you suspect the spirit of the Goatman is present.

Lore about how the Goatman dispatches his victims is varied, he is often depicted carrying an enormous axe to hack his prey limb from limb, but many stories are ambiguous about what actually happens to the victims...

Sometimes our own imaginations are the most terrifying thing of all.

I think this trailer for the short film 'Weirdos' based on the Creepypasty story 'Anansi's Goatman' Story sums it up nicely...

Why will it totally s**t you up? Literally anyone could be the Goatman, but you won't know until they start acting a little strange...

Trauma factor: A irrational fear of strangers, hitch-hikers and oddballs. Better to be safe than dead, cheers!

The Rake

Basic Plot: The Rake is a strange sub-human creature that has alleged been documented since the 12th century in multiple, strikingly similar experiences.

At first glance in the darkness The Rake looks like an ordinary naked man, but there is something unnatural about his pose that suggests some sort of deformation or devastating injury. When he scuttles into the night, The Rake moves on all fours like a wolf or a dog.

You would think that seeing all of your nocturnal fears realized would prompt uncontrollable fright, but many people are lulled into a false sense of security by The Rake. Emotional responses often involve a childlike sense of curiosity and a strange empathy...

That is, until The Rake shreds your family members to lifeless tatters with his razor sharp claws.

Why will it totally s**t you up? That flickering movement in the darkness or the breeze on an exposed limb in bed will be The Rake from now on. It doesn't matter whether the creature is real or not.

Trauma factor: Let's just say you won't be sticking your feet out of the duvet for a while...


Which Creepypasta will stop you sleeping tonight?

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(Images: Laughing Jack face by Pinkstylist, USA Hitman)


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