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Last month, in our exclusive interview with Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson, despite the fact that we were unable to ask questions about Doctor Strange itself due to the widely-known Marvel Studios high security on their films, Derrickson still shared with us a little bit of what he thinks of his team as they begin searching for just the right people for every position.

Obviously it’s been announced there’s a writer on Doctor Strange but in that situation it’s maybe my favorite screenwriter in town. I’d read four of his scripts before ever meeting him. I think that the opportunity to work with great talent and people who can supersede my abilities in various areas is extremely exciting to me. Like, Jon Spaihts is a genius.

Scott Derrickson has already shared with us that he has been after this job for what seems like an eternity, and he's a huge fan of the character from the comics. We as fans are loving the fact that he is as committed to the comic character as we are, which likely means Scott will make only the necessary changes in Strange's origin story and stick more to the source material.

Perhaps the reason why everyone was up in arms over Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man was because we had confidence that he would be willing to hold true to the character, but it seems that, if the reports have any truth to them, he may have been just a little too truthful to some of the details Marvel felt it to be necessary to change for the sake of the combined universe (because you don't want to have clashing facts and characters like in the X-Men franchise).

Doctor Strange will likely hit theaters in two years on July 8th, 2016


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