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Over the course of the past few days, there have been a ton of rumors regarding Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. From the fake script to Kevin Smith’s involvement to the emergence of Doomsday as the big baddie in the movie, it’s hard to believe we are still nearly two years away from the release of what may be one of the most anticipated films of all time.

Before I go into my reasons why I don’t think Doomsday makes no sense for this movie, I want to see Doomsday on screen, just not yet. Like a fine wine, let this universe age properly before we uncork the most bad-ass villain in the arsenal. Superman fans have wanted to see Doomsday and Superman go head-to-head in a live action movie for twenty years. I’m in that crowd. But I want to see this universe progress and not feel rushed. So let me get to my points for not wanting Doomsday in this movie.

It’s Too Soon

This is the second movie in DC’s new shared universe and we’re already looking to kill Superman off? I’d like to see Superman evolve into the hero that is universally loved by the citizens of the world before unleashing Doomsday and “killing” him off. We all know that comic book deaths aren’t permanent, but it’s still way too soon to pull that card out of the deck. It’s Cavill’s second turn as Superman and he’ll already face his greatest threat. Let’s establish this universe a little more and let save that story line for a later date. Plus, the whole world was up in arms over the amount of destruction in MOS, won't this fight devastate Metropolis even more? let Metropolis recover, then unleash Doomsday.

What are the Real Stakes?

If Superman fights his ultimate battle and makes the ultimate sacrifice in DOJ, how can you possibly top that in Justice League or even MOS2? Assuming that they use the Death of Superman and subsequent storylines as the basis for using Doomsday (what other purpose would he serve?), you will have used arguably the biggest Superman story a bit prematurely. How do you raise the stakes for Justice League or MOS2? You can’t! If Superman “dies” and returns from the dead, that’s it. The audience knows that there’s nothing Superman can’t do. And that includes conquering death. Save it for a future installment. What threat is Darkseid if Superman can’t truly die? Or does he get one free pass on death but next time it’s for real? That’s just silly.

This Movie is Already a Bit Crowded

On top of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Aquaman, Cyborg and a returning cast, does WB really want to introduce Doomsday in a movie that has the task of introducing this many characters? Doomsday is a villain that deserves the spotlight, not to be used as a plot device that gets shoehorned into this movie. There are other threats that WB can use for this movie, they don’t need Doomsday…yet.

In Conclusion

I like the idea of getting Doomsday on the big screen. I really do. But I want to build up to him. I’d like the seeds for Doomsday to be planted in this movie. I don’t know if I like the idea of Luthor creating Doomsday like the leaked “script” shows, but if that is the direction WB wants to go in, it can work as a post-credits scene to be used in a future DC installment. That’s as close to a Doomsday introduction I’d like to see for this movie.

As with any comic book property, the writers will take some liberties with the character. But I just don’t want to see Doomsday used a plot device with a glorified cameo. The character needs to be introduced with real stakes on the line, and not in the second movie of the universe. As I said earlier, introduce him via teaser in a post-credits scene in this movie, then reveal a little more in Justice League, then the knock down drag out in MOS2. To me, that’s the most logical direction they need to take for Doomsday.


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