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While Fox's X-Men: Days of Future Past is tearing it up at the box office with more than $700 million worldwide, there are some people out there with real-life mutant powers. Although these powers aren't as flashy as those in the movies or comic books, they do make these very special people extraordinary. Let's meet them....

Super Endurance (Real-life Frenzy)

Finnish Olympic skiing champion Eero Antero Mäntyranta had a mutated erythropoietin receptor gene, which made it possible for him to have the ability to carry 50% more oxygen in his bloodstream. This mutation allowed Mantryranta to compete at four Winter Olympic Games from 1960 to 1972 and winning a combined seven medals in cross-country skiing and the biathlon throughout his career.

Super Strength (Real-life Juggernaut)

Eight-year old Michigan boy named Liam Hoekstra has a rare genetic condition where his body doesn't produce the protein Myostatin, which inhibits muscle growth. This give little Liam larger muscles with very little body fat, hence he is super strong! Young Liam doesn't have to work as hard to be strong. The only downside to his super-strength is that he has to eat more to keep up with his body's growth.

Hyper Photographic Memory (Real-life Professor X)

There's a condition called Hyperthymesia, which allows people to have an astounding photographic memory of every moment in their lives. Imagine recognizing a random face in the crowd from your walk across the city on May 6, 1998. People with Hyperthymesia can pin-point the exact moment when they first used a toothbrush for the first time. It sounds pretty cool to me! There are also some scientists and doctors who think that Hyperthymesia is a form of Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Super Flexibility (Real-life Beast)

Actor Javier Botet has a genetic condition called as Marfan syndrome. This condition allows Botet to have abnormal flexibility because his connective tissues. As a result Botet and people who suffer from Marfan syndrome are unusually taller with longer limbs and fingers.

Impervious to Ice (Real-Life Iceman)

While Wim Hof can't freeze objects, he does have numerous the world records for withstanding the cold, including the longest time in a bath of ice - one hour, 13 minutes and 48 seconds. Hof attributes his ability to deep meditation and patience. Scientists have also discovered Hof has the uncanny ability to regulate his body's functions at will.


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