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Michael Olderr

According to Michael Bay, Lockdown's ship is a sentient being itself and very important:

The ship has a lot of meaning and backstory that can go into other movies.

This made me thinking on what could it possibly be then one day It accrued to me and think that it is...

The hero who see's himself a monster
The hero who see's himself a monster

Arguably the most badass in all of transformers mythology


Ohh if the director of the next Transformers movie put him in the next movie the everyone will see it three times in a row It could very well double Dark Of the Moons record (like the 3rd or the 5th highest grossing movie of all time). Of coarse it would take a huge budget to even create him but to see him transforming would make every kids dream come true.

would you watch Transformers if he was in it?


Do you want to see Omega Supreme in future movies


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