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Looks like I spoke too soon yesterday when I said that DC would manage to keep Gotham's pilot under wraps until it's official screening at SDCC! Bleeding Cool got their hands on it, and have posted a short reaction piece as well as screenshots here.

These images show us the overall feel of the show, as well as giving us some more detail on the focus and how the characters will be connected. Until the show starts in September, or until the full pilot is leaked online, this is the most we have to go on!

Catwoman/Selena Kyle makes an appearance in the pilot, apparently as a cat-loving thief! This is definitely a change from her previous incarnations, where she has been portrayed as very timid and mousy up until her transformation as an adult. I'm not sure how I feel about an adolescent ass-kicker for Selena - it will make for great viewing, and balance out the very shy Poison Ivy (who was also very quiet as a child). That said, I know that many fans of the books will twitch a little at this fairly major change in her character.

Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot makes his debut as well, as toady to Fish Mooney, the mob boss. I have already said how amazing I think the casting is (despite some criticism that he is neither short nor fat), and from the reactions, it looks like we won't be disappointed by this one!

Riddler/Edward Nygma is looking fantastic as a pathologist working with the police force - this makes me wonder how they will decide to play out his story; is he going to become a villain within this show, or remain on the side of good? (As far as the corrupt cops of Gotham can be considered good!) I really love him as a CSI-type, it suits his drive to solve so well!

Bruce himself appears to have only a fleeting moment in the pilot, where we see his parent's death through the eyes of the watching Selena. Lots of close up shots of pearls hitting the pavement, this is sure to be a big scene, although I am a little surprised to see it in the very first episode! Having mostly cops and only a tiny bit of Bruce definitely shows us that this is a cop show, not a Batman show.

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On to the cops! This is most definitely a series about the police force in Gotham city - lots of corruption, greed, gangsters and of course, the rookie cop who still believes! James Gordon seems believable as an idealistic ex-soldier (the haircut gives it away!) and I am really interested to see where they go with the army angle - PTSD? The ingrained need to follow orders, or maybe the total disillusionment with them?

Brief shoutout to the other ex-soldier in the show, Alfred! It seems that we will be getting a much rougher version than we have seen before, which makes sense. I really hope to see how Alfred copes with the death of the Waynes, and want to see some more conflict within his character.

Other cops include Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen from Major Crimes, as well as (obviously) Harvey Bullock, Gordon's partner.

Oh, and the precinct? Looks awesome!!

The last shots show us Gordon's fiancee, Barbara Keane, who will undoubtedly play a major part in the show and the development of Gordon's character.

And then there is this guy...apparently a stand-up comedian, so we all know where that might be going!

Noticeably absent from the [Gotham](series:1127075) pilot (but present in the posters!) is Poison Ivy, aka Ivy Pepper. There has been a lot of talk about why her name was changed, and I for one believe that there will be a good reason for it (I hope so, anyway!). But why is she the only poster character not appearing in the pilot? While I am sure that the episodes will focus on individual characters and possibly backstories, it seems as though all the other characters are being introduced immediately.
What is going on with Poison Ivy?!


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