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Yesterday I brought you my favorite panels and events from the Thursday schedule for SDCC, and today, it's Friday's turn! No prizes for guessing what's going to happen tomorrow.....assuming that they follow suit and put up the last day, that is!

First off, more Batman! Courtesy of this being a banner anniversary year for the Dark Knight, there are Batman-themed events all throughout the day.

There is a Spotlight on Neal Adams, a look at Batman in the 80s and 90s, Batman: The Eternal Dark Knight, Who Created Batman and Rescued by Batman! Seriously - this is the year for Batman fans, and with two full days still yet to be announced, it looks like everything you could possibly want covered will be.

Next up, a little look at some of the recent and upcoming movies and tv shows - panels, screenings, and Q&A sessions with actors, directors and creators.

The Avengers have a panel (doubtless we will be hearing a LOT about the upcoming Age of Ultron!), as do the X-Men with The Making of X-Men: Days of Future Past. There is also a presentation and Q&A for Arrow, which will undoubtedly involve a lot of discussion of that cameo in Flash! Finally, there is a panel on the Big Bang Theory - often a controversial subject amongst the nerd community, it seems that you either love it or you hate it. Either way, you have an opportunity to hear the writers talk about the show, and maybe even answer some of the questions on a negative portrayal of nerds.

There are still more great panels and discussions on gender in the comic book world, which we know is a major interest of mine. Today there are four different panels on the subject: Gender in Comics, Comic Arts Conference Session: Comics and Gender, Women Below the Line and Wonder Women of the 21st Century. Fascinating as it may be, I think I'd be happy with just one panel on the subject - and this way, you can pick whichever one clashes the least with the other things you want to go to!

There are a couple other panels that really appeal to me - more about the industry and lifestyle in general, rather than very specific books, shows or movies. I'm (clearly) pretty invested in nerd culture, and I love to learn about the bigger picture.

The Business of Geek Fashion looks at the popularity of nerdy clothing, how it is licensed and designed, and about the increasing number of female-friendly options.

Brands Gone Geek also looks at some of the marketing and popularity of branded items, but the line that really caught my eye was "how are brands and advertisers working together with industry advocates-including your friendly neighborhood comic shop-to keep the "comic" in "comic culture"?". With geek culture becoming so mainstream, there are a lot of fans upset about "fake nerds" and people who wear/watch/read because it is perceived as cool. I don't really consider myself one of those people, but this will definitely spark an interesting discussion!

The Future of Geek (apparently geek is preferred over nerd, at least by the person titling these panels!) is along the same lines - questioning whether geek culture has peaked, or whether it will continue to rise.

Comic Book Law is the final panel that I want to bring mention from the Friday schedule. This looks into some of the laws around licensing and ownership, which is hugely relevant when different studios own the rights to different characters. Fans everywhere would love to see some crossover between The Avengers and Spiderman or X-Men, even the Fantastic Four! This panel should shed some light on the difficulties of the situation, and maybe even shine a ray of hope on the possibility of shared rights.

Ok, just one more! With all the seriousness of the last few panels that I mentioned, I had to bring up this little slice of happiness on Friday morning... Star Wars Origami! A little arts and crafts to start your day, as paper is provided and you will be folding along with Chris Alexander. While this may not be your top priority at an event where there are just so many things to do, if there is nothing else that you really need in that time slot, wouldn't it be fun?

After all, with all the planning and learning and speculating, it's important not to forget what being a fan is really all about - having fun!


Which of these panels would you most like to go to?


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