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Justin Driver

The Dexter finale SUCKED! I mean, come on, a LUMBERJACK!!??! I've given this some serious thought, and this is how it should have ended!

  • Debra Doesn't die from that shot. She kills the Brain Surgeon before he can shoot her and gets a huge promotion and starts dating Joey again. But, feeling that she has too, she decides to start going after Dexter because she thinks that she will get better credit if she catches probably the biggest killer in America. At this time, the storm was still coming and Hannah and Harrison went ahead to Argentina without problems. Debra hunts him down at Dexter's apartment that he was packing up. She tells him what she's doing and shoots at him but misses. He instinctively stabs her with the knife he had.(He was packing up the kitchen) As she bleeds out, Dexter's full human side emerges. He starts to cry and says that he was sorry for what he's done before and for what he just did. She apologizes also and says that she loves him and that she couldn't live without him. After she dies, he brings her to the middle of the ocean, during the storm. He calls Harrison and Hannah and says that he loves them both and cant wait to see them in Argentina. After he hangs up on the conversation, he (dramatically)puts her in the water. At the surface she looks like a gorgeous angel, but a she gets deeper, she starts to look sinister. He realizes the only thing keeping him sane are Debra, Harrison, and Hannah. He then decides that U.S.A Dexter cant live any longer, so he makes sure his boat is found broken without him and everyone in Miami believes he is dead, then heads off to Argentina. He is the happiest he could ever be. But when he gets to the address he was given, all he finds is police cars and tape(police). He rushes to the man (he thinks) is in charge and asks what happens. The man says that a blonde woman and young kid were slaughtered by what they believe is a serial killer on the loose. As he walks away, his face is emotionless. Everything that kept him human was dead, the only thing left was his Killing side. He then looks to his side and Brian is there. As he's walking away he says," Argentina, time to meet my dark passenger." He smiles into the camera AND ROLL THE CREDITS!

So what do you guys think?


Was my ending better than the original?


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