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"There is no way we will ever see Andrew Garfield alongside Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., it's impossible." Who said anything about Andrew Garfield?

Look I LOVED the Amazing Spider-Man movies, but I've accepted the fact that those movies can not fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for legitimate reasons other than issues with character rights.

1. The Battle of New York
After the battle of New York in the Avengers, the world became used to the idea of superheroes but in the Amazing Spider-Man they treat it like he's the first one. Now he could be the first one, that's true but it still raises a question: why didn't SHIELD come in when the Lizard or Electro came to New York?

2. Spider-Man Would Have Been in the First Movie.
Let's face it, if the Amazing Spider-Man existed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fury would have paid him a visit.
Now some of you are probably wondering, "What does he mean by no Andrew Garfield?" Well I'll explain it in three words: New Spider-Man!

Now I don't mean rebooting the series again. No, what I mean is make a Marvel Universe version of Spider-Man which means: new actor, same story, different universe.

Think about it: we have Quicksilver in both [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) and in X-Men Days of Future Past. Why can't we do the same with Peter Parker?
This way Marvel can use their own character while Sony can still make money on their universe.

How would it work story-wise?
Easy. Make Spider-Man a hero who came after the Avengers, he saw them kind of as an inspiration to become a hero himself. Since the Avengers never stay in New York, Peter Parker decides to be New York's second local boy (first being Captain America). So he deals with most of the super villains in NYC when the Avengers are not around.

Who Would Play Him?
Well I guarantee you that it will be a REALLY task to replace but not really replace Garfield since I think he played the character to a T. But I had a few things in mind such as...

Aaron-Taylor Johnson!

But he's playing the AWESOME looking Quicksilver in Age of Ultron so that one can't happen.

Drew Roy

I know he's a little older but hey Garfield is about thirty years old so I think it can work. Maybe we could have Drew play a college age Peter Parker.

Josh Hutcherson

I'm NOT a big Hunger Games fan, I thought the first film was good while the second one was a disappointing rehash. I can't deny though that Hutcherson can act and I can defintiely see him as Spidey.

Logan Lerman

I know some of you are groaning at this choice but don't let the Percy Jackson movies blind you of this guy's talent. He can act pretty well as shown in Perks of Being a Wallflower and the indie film Gamer.

How would he look? Well my hope is that he actually goes through three costumes in one movie.

One for when he's just starting:

But with more blue!
But with more blue!

Then he gets a more classic outfit but with a smaller symbol which I think would be an interesting change:

Eyes not as big as ASM2 but bigger than ASM1.
Eyes not as big as ASM2 but bigger than ASM1.

And a secondary suit he gets in the final climax thanks to...Pym, Stark, or even SHIELD maybe he gets a more armored suit:

I edited this one since before it was black and red.
I edited this one since before it was black and red.

Maybe I'm an idiot and this would be a dumb decision but I feel it could work. What do you all think? Tell me in the comments below.


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