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The New 52. The relaunch of the DC Universe in 2011. Since then, one question has come up: shall the newly established cinematic universe follow the old continuity or this new one? Many fans support that the New 52 is the best thing that ever happened to DC comics.

MY PERSONAL OPINION: I am a huge fan of the New 52 and I think that the movies should use elements of both the mainstream continuity and the New 52. Although the rebooted universe is great, it sure has its flaws. In this article, I will analyze some aspects of the reboot that shouldn't be included in the films.

1. Superman Does Not Work For The Daily Planet

I'll start with Superman since the Man of Steel is the stepping stone for the development of the cinematic universe. I have to admit that I don't like the Superman issues published after the new 52.

Clark Kent is now an independent blogger, after quitting his job in the Daily Planet. This was something terrible. All the traditional characters in Superman's mythos, like Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, and Lois Lane are pushed aside and Clark's relationship with all his friends is now more emotionless than ever. Even Superman's traditional love for Lois is wiped out in order for the writers to show us the romance between him and Wonder Woman. I like that Superman finally hooked up with Wonder Woman and I know that their relationship will end in order for Clark to return to Lois. However, his relationship with the other characters isn't really shown and believe me, the stories aren't the same without the basic characters! It's like Batman without Robin! Wait...

2. Martian Manhunter Isn't In The Justice League

This is another thing that I miss a lot. Before the New 52, Martian Manhunter was the "heart" of the Justice League and one of its core members. However, after the reboot, he is no longer part of the team. He is a member of the Justice League of America, a team created by Amanda Waller. He is replaced by Cyborg, who is there only to add a black guy in the group.

I like Cyborg too, but I prefer J'onn J'onzz as the seventh member of the core group. And if you don't believe me about the Manhunter's importance for the group, just read the Final Crisis Requiem. J'onn J'onzz dies in that issue and the story is very emotional.

If I had to decide between Martian Manhunter and Cyborg for the movie, I'd pick the Manhunter.

3. Lobo

Old Lobo vs New Lobo
Old Lobo vs New Lobo

Rumor has it that Lobo will get his own anti-heroic type of movie. I hope it is the pre-52 Lobo and not the new one. Yes, they changed one of the most badass characters, who was perfect. The new Lobo has a thinner body and less distorted muscular appearance. The old Lobo exists too, but he is considered a fraud and an impostor. Cultured, suave, and well-educated, this new Lobo is the opposite of the old one. Although I am not very familiar with this new one since he hasn't been developed much yet, I hope that if the movie is ever made, it will feature the traditional one.

4. Various Costume Redesigns

Black Canary
Black Canary

New universe-new costumes. Some of the redesigns are perfect and am I glad to see that Superman has no red underwear outside his suit. However, some other superheroes and super-villains were victims of the costume changing process. One example is Black Canary, whose traditional black motorcycle jacket and fishnets disappeared.

Old Poison Ivy vs New Poison Ivy
Old Poison Ivy vs New Poison Ivy

In my opinion, Poison Ivy's look was perfect before the New 52. She wore a costume made of leaves and her skin color was green. Now she's stuck with a half-black, half-green outfit that is horrible. And last but not least, Harley Quinn's costume is really, really bad. We all know and love Harley's traditional outfit, which was like a classic Italian Harlequin. The only thing that I like about the New 52 costume is her half-blue, half-red hair. Apart from this, she looks like a pornstar!

5. Oracle's Absence

Oracle is in Arkham Knight! Yeahhhh!
Oracle is in Arkham Knight! Yeahhhh!

Barbara Gordon is my favorite Batgirl. After a deadly encounter with the Joker, she was left paralyzed. However, she did not give up! She became Oracle, a superhero who provided law enforcement organizations and members of the superhero community with various useful information. By gathering and disseminating intelligence, she became one of the most trusted members of the superhero community, as almost every hero contacted her, in order to help him deal with crime. Oracle became the leader of the Birds of Prey and she organized various crime-fighting missions. However, after the New 52, the writers provided Barbara Gordon with the ability to walk again. Now, she has returned to the role of Batgirl. Although I love Barbara as both Batgirl and Oracle, I prefer Oracle. Remember when I wrote that Martian Manhunter is the "heart of the Justice League"? Well, Oracle is the "heart of the entire superhero community". She had a special bond with every hero in the business. Oracle didn't need the ability to fight or superpowers in order to be a great hero and that's the greatest thing about her

6. No Legion Of Super-Heroes

Ok, let's face it! The possibility of having a Legion of Super-Heroes movie is... very small. However, think about the awesome members of the Legion. There's Lightning Lad, Chameleon Boy, Saturn Girl and many more. I think they deserve their one cinematic adaptation, however, this is not encouraged by Dc Comics since the Legion does not have its own series now. That's right! After the end of the Legion Lost series, the Legion has gone truly lost. The idea of having a Legion of Super-Heroes movie is a risky one since the characters aren't as popular as the Justice League, the Bat-Family or other superhero teams. But they've got members with incredible powers, threatening villains and they are trusted allies of Superman and many others. A movie about their adventures would be very interesting.

7. No Justice Society Of America

Justice Society and the Justice League
Justice Society and the Justice League

Well, this isn't really true. There is a team called the Justice Society, but only in Earth 2, in a parallel universe. In Earth 2, the JS consists of younger versions of Jay Garrick (The Flash) and Alan Scott (Green Lantern) alongside Hawkgirl, Dr.Fate, Atom, Big Barda, Sandman and Mr. Miracle, leaving Catman, Hour-Man, Dr.Mid-Nite and other traditional members out. All of the characters' costumes have been redesigned in order to look more modern. I don't think that the Justice Society is in Dc's cards right now. However, if this movie ever happens, then I wish it would be about those traditional heroes who fought for justice and taught every other hero the true meaning of being a freedom fighter and a symbol of hope. The new costumes are cool, but i miss the old ones. Some may claim that they are old fashioned just like the Society, but it isn't the costume that makes the hero.

Well, except from Codpiece... This guy sucks.

What do you think? Do you like the New 52? Is there any sin that i forgot? Should the movies follow the events of the New 52 continuity? What are your thoughts? Comment below! See you next time and as always...