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In Singapore, a toy was made that had gained widespread publicity and popularity on the Internet. The toy was a cross between the famous children's television program Thomas the Tank Engine and the all-famous robot franchise Transformers (it also had some Voltron-type elements, too).

The idea for a blend of Thomas the Tank Engine and Transformers had gained Internet fame. A long time ago, a CGI animated video of Thomas the Tank Engine transforming into a robot was uploaded to YouTube. A couple years after, YouTube user juanknldu made an animated series of videos called "TRAINS-FORMERS", crossing the two franchises (made also as a gift for his son), and this gained YouTube fame (see picture in the poll below).

Now, this question must be asked: should there be a Transformers-style Thomas the Tank Engine movie that would be great for kids (and people of all ages) everywhere?

It could be made, mainly due to 4 reasons: (1) to make the Transformers franchise into a more family-friendly format, (2) to make Thomas the Tank Engine more popular, (3) to help the Transformers franchise make more money, and (4) to piggy-back on the idea of blending the two franchises.


Should there be an actual Transformers-style Thomas the Tank Engine movie?


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