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San Diego Comic-Con is only 2 weeks away and we need to start considering all the possibilities. Surely with all of Marvel Studios' plans and films for the future, expect multiple reveals or hints about casting, crews and plots. Whether you live a stone's throw away from San Diego or the other side of the world, any fan of the franchise will be all ears and eyes when they reprise their place in Hall H. Here are the possibilities:

Guardians of the Galaxy

Despite their over-marketing with clips, trailers and posters, with 1 month to go fans still have a lot of un-answered questions about the film. This movie is crucial to the Marvel Cinematic Universe which means it has a lot of pressure on itself to excite the fans unlike films like Iron Man 2, which failed but did not screw up the franchise. The cast and crew have already sat themselves down on the Hall H Panel last year, so this year would probably not so much be about the big reveals for them, but just self-promotion and just being there for the die-hard fans.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers are back for another round of butt-kicking with a new edge to it. The hype probably won't be as high as the previous one but the whole cast re-assembled after their previous movie success with added extras will sure be something that fans are craving for right now. With Quicksilver turning out to be a shock fan-favourite in X-Men: Days of Future Past and rumours of Science Bros. moments all over again, everything is riding on this film and needs to deliver. In 2 weeks fans will expect nothing less of the cast and crew to talk about the personalities of the characters, other themes of the movie and even shock appearances from other characters which would not only finish off assembling the universe but now expanding it to further heights and possibilities.


Can the small guy become a big hit with the fans? And how will he merge into the great Avenger that we know him today? Ant-Man has to be one of the most audacious attempts for a solo film in Marvel's history and it will either be an original and fun take on superheroes in the universe or a flop that will take the universe back a phase or two. With so little known about this film and so little time until it happens, this year's SDCC would reveal, the outline of the plot, the connections between the two Ant-Men, the full cast and the controversy over the directing and scripting.

The thing that has shocked people the most about this film is that the story of 'Ant-Man' revolves around Scott Lang, instead of Henry 'Hank' Pym, meaning that this universe is becoming more diverse than the comics and paving it's own path to success and attracting fans and general movie-goers alike as it goes. Expect Peyton Reed (the director) to define his interesting choices in great detail come 2 weeks time.

Captain America 3

Man, we've only just finished with Cap 2 and now we're talking about the sequel! I can really see where Marvel want to take this segment of the franchise from watching The Winter Soldier twice, introducing tonnes of new characters from the comics. In all honesty, the limelight will be on Avengers 2 this Comic-Convention but we could expect a little something from the Russo brothers regarding the release date and a statement about its clash with BvS: Dawn of Justice.

Note: Chris Evans contract as Cap runs out after this film so it is a possibility that Bucky/The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) might take over the alias of Captain America (it happened in the comics, so why not?).

Thor 3:

Marvel Comics has done a great job in exploring Asgard and creating infinite possibilities for film adaptations. Like Cap 3, we won't be hearing much about it whatsoever and we'd be lucky to get a release date from them. One brilliant fan rumour is that Ragnarok, Thor's cyborg clone created during the recent 'Civil War' event by geniuses like Stark and Pym, which makes this a suitable opportunity for this universe's events.

Doctor Strange

Note: This is a fan-made logo for the film.
Note: This is a fan-made logo for the film.

There is every reason that Doctor Strange should have his own film.

a) He's a diverse character who has to solve problems for himself and does not really have a team behind him in the comics.

b) Many talented actors have been considered for this role and to announce one of them like Benedict Cumberbatch, Jared Leto or Johnny Depp would be a big step in promotion.

c) With the confidence that Marvel and Scott Derrickson (the director) have in this film already, we could see it earlier on the big-screen than we thought. Watch out 2016, the doctor's about!

Plus, The name Stephen Strange was dropped in Cap 2, meaning that it is definitely a lot closer then we thought.

What to expect this year: No trailers obviously, but just a casual Derrickson spoon-feeding snip-bits of information to us, if we are lucky enough.

Black Panther

By now, the majority of us have caught those Wakandan/Vibranium references, however sly they may be. Black Panther's role at this year's Comic-Con will most certainly not have cast and crew and has about 15% chance that we'll hear anything from it whatsoever. The more, the better at this stage, but I think Marvel has revealing enough at this second and needs to leave us wanting more.

Television/Netflix series'

2015 will be big for Marvel's recognition on the smaller screen and digital devices. Apparently, Season 1 of Marvel's Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a successful trial run which has increased production speed of Agent Carter, based off the One-Shot from the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray release. It's about time that this male-dominated universe got some 1940's girl-power on their ass.

As a huge fan, this question has been bugging me since it was announced; 'what's the deal with Marvel's Netflix Series?' I understand that 'Daredevil' is well underway in filming and characters have been casted, but how exactly do they put him, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones from their respected series into the 'Defenders', another superhero team that will contain all of them in 1 series? I expect that their will be a short 'Daredevil' panel explaining their future plans for all of these awesome characters.

Marvel are really pulling out all the stops early, and look like they have 1000's of ideas to go through. Which one of these would you like to see mentioned at SDCC 2014 in 2 weeks? Comment below, I would love to see your opinions.


Which of the following would you like to see mentioned at Comic-Con?


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