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As I was looking over my Facebook page on July 11, I saw where Vin Diesel (Who plays Dom on the franchise) put on his page that they had just wrapped [Fast & Furious 7](movie:264263). The actual quote was:

"Fast Seven is wrapped! A life changing experience. None of it would have been possible without you... the strength, conviction and confidence came from you, and I know together, we have made Pablo proud. "

For those of you who don't know for whatever reason, "Pablo" is what Vin Diesel called his friend Paul Walker, in Private. They were good friends off screen as well as on and when Paul passed away last November 30th in a tragic car accident after leaving a Charity Event for Paul's Organization, "Reach out Worldwide", which helps people in developing countries when they are hit with Natural Disasters it hit Vin Diesel and most of the Cast really hard. For a brief time they actually thought of not completing Fast 7 in Paul's memory, but his family stepped in and told them and Director James Wann to continue because that is what he would have wanted.

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So, with heavy hearts and the Determination to make this the best Fast & Furious Movie to date they went to several locations and made the move they believe Paul Walker would have wanted them to make. Now we just have to wait until April 3rd, 2015 to see the fruits of their labor.

After looking over Vin's Facebook Page, I went over to Michelle Rodriguez's page (Her Birthday is today, talking about timing for the wrap) and she had posted this on her Facebook Wall, " 15 years later Ride or Die through thick and thin we finally finished the hardest emotional roller coaster, . Hope to make you proud P, love you. "

As you can see even though Paul has been gone for seven and a half months now he is still very much in the hearts and minds of the people he worked on this franchise with all those years. So, in answer to my own question asked in the Title of this Article I have to say that I believe FF7 will be the Best of the Series to Date, but I honestly don't think it will be the last. Do you agree or disagree? Comment below as always or if you like you can follow me on [email protected] or on [email protected] the entertainment writer.


Do you think this should be the last Fast & Furious Movie or should the franchise go on?


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